February Bestows NYC With Plethora of Sick Beats

February is loaded with dandy shows across quite a spectrum of genres. February has everything from gritty rap to hymns for Jesus to druggie music. Also, new in concert roundups this month, click on the ticket price to buy tickets to the show! Here are my picks for the top five February shows.

Chad Valley

Who he is: Synthpop from England

Where: Brooklyn Bazaar

When: Tuesday, February 2nd. Doors @ 6, Show @ 8

Tickets: $12

Opener(s): Computer Magic and RÉN

Why You Should Go: Chad Valley is trancey, synthy electronic music similar to groups like Odesza, but more based on levitating vocals from Chad and co-signer Pamela. I’ve seen Chad before and he is exponentially better live than recorded. His hypnotic vibes will fit perfectly with the gypsy vibes at Brooklyn Bazaar.


Who he is: Indie-soul singer from England

Where: Terminal 5

When: Thursday, February 9th. Doors @ 8, Show @ 9

Tickets: $25

Opener(s): Mal Devisa

Why You Should Go: Sampha doesn’t need lots of tricks and gadgets and musical instruments to move souls. Most of Sampha’s tracks rely on a simple grand piano and his wavering voice that does not seem to be the most technically talented. But his (arguably) failing falsetto stretches to reach high notes match the mournful tone of his songs, and create a really uniquely beautiful and anguished vocal tone.

Cosmos Midnight

Who they are: Australian Electronic duo

Where: Rough Trade

When: Friday, February 24th. Doors @ 8, Show @ 9

Tickets: $13 (21+)

Opener(s): MAXO

Why You Should Go: Cosmo’s Midnight is the project of two dapper Australian twins Cosmo and Patrick Liney. They are the hottest electronic act in Australia at the moment, and they play chipper, houseish electronic music. The twins have other artists like KUCKA and Wave Racer sing on their tracks, and themselves provide the instrumentals full of cranks, swirls and off color beeps and boops. They do not have any live videos so watch the official video for their biggest (and my favorite) song of theirs “Walk With Me.”

Josh Garrels

Who he is: Christian (!) Indie-folk singer from Indiana

Where: Le Poisson Rouge

When: Monday, February 20th. Doors @ 7:30, Show @ 8:15

Tickets: $22

Opener(s): John Mark McMillan

Why You Should Go:  I wish I could pick more Christian shows for these monthly recaps, but most Christian artists give me migraines and/or my ears bleed when I listen, and I thus cannot recommend them. I remain healthy when I listen to Josh Garrels, and he actually restores my health after I listen to most Christian artists. Josh has a really powerful, earnest voice that melds perfectly with his band’s spicy array of indie and folky instruments. Plus, John Mark McMillan, the show’s opener, is also awesome.

Run The Jewels

Who they are: Hip-hop Duo from Atlanta and Brooklyn

Where: Terminal 5

When: February 25th, 26th, 27th and March 1. Doors @ 7, Show @ 8

Tickets: $30

Opener(s): The Gaslamp Killer, Gangsta Boo, Nick Hook, Cuz

Why You Should Go: Run The Jewels is the swaggering hip hop duo of Killer Mike and EL-P. You may have seen Killer Mike in the news for his outspoken support for Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders. Even though Bernie lost, Run The Jewels won big time with their fantastic album dropped on this past Christmas, "Run The Jewels 3," which contains certified fresh party banger “Legend Has It.” Their rap is so good it crosses party lines, and I’m confident Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporters alike can find incredible value in Run The Jewels’ music. This show is so popular that a 4th show was added due to overwhelming demand. Snag a ticket quick!

(Explicit language)

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