Oh, the Places You’ll Thrift in Brooklyn

Clothing rack at Awoke Vintage || Photo credit to Rachel Freeman

Clothing rack at Awoke Vintage || Photo credit to Rachel Freeman


If there’s anything that college students love more than getting lattes in between classes and taking Instagram photos on the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s finding that perfect thrift store to spend the weekends in.

“There is something special about stepping into a thrifted piece of clothing. It brings new life to an old object, telling a new story,” freshman Draven Haefs said.

The good news is that Brooklyn is home to some of the most eclectic and trendy thrift shops in New York City, but the task of finding the best ones can be tedious and time-consuming.

The main question to be answered is, “Which thrift stores are worth making the trip for?”

No Relation storefront || Photo credit to Rachel Freeman

No Relation storefront || Photo credit to Rachel Freeman


No Relation Vintage

Address: 654 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hours: Everyday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

No Relation Vintage, a thrift shop off of Sackett Street in Brooklyn, has already made an impression on some of the students at King’s for its high-quality clothing and low prices.  

“I love that there are endless options and that it is more organized than other thrift stores. Their stuff, unlike other thrift stores in the city, is quality and not damaged which I really appreciate!” freshman Laura Sneed said.

No Relation Vintage is a member of the L Train Vintage family, a thrift store chain throughout New York City. While it does have a different name, the prices, the bags, and the quality clothes are still the same.

It’s a two-stop subway ride from the Hoyt St. Station to No Relation Vintage, and the short journey only adds to the appeal of the store.

In addition to its convenient location, No Relation is the perfect place to thrift jeans and sweaters. They have dozens upon dozens of Levi jeans for 10 dollars, and racks of sweaters ranging around the same price.

For those looking to expand the business casual side to their closet, No Relation has amazing dress skirt options for women, and a wide-range of dress shoes for both men and women.

The highlight of this thrift store is by far their range of coats and jackets.

Crossroads reusable bag. || Photo credit to Rachel Freeman

Crossroads reusable bag. || Photo credit to Rachel Freeman


Crossroads Trading Co.

Address: 135 N 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Hours: Mon-Fri: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sun: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Everyone loves a top-notch Goodwill, but Crossroads Trading Co. takes the classic, affordable thrift store approach to the next level. Set up just like a Goodwill with hundreds of items on each rack, Crossroads offers popular clothing brands and donated articles adorned with their original price tags. Madewell, Zara, Topman, Topshop, ASOS, and Forever 21 are just a few of the brands that Crossroads features.

“My favorite thing about Crossroads is probably the layout! It’s not like a lot of thrift stores that are cluttered and hard to sort through,” junior Elli Esher said.

Underneath the fluorescent lights of this Williamsburg thrift store, there is a world of in-style and in-budget clothing opportunities to take advantage of. When it comes to business casual options, Crossroads excels in offering great dress pant options and hundreds of dresses that are appropriate for King’s dress code and the workplace.

Storefront of Awoke Vintage. || Photo credit to Rachel Freeman

Storefront of Awoke Vintage. || Photo credit to Rachel Freeman


Awoke Vintage

Address: 132 N 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hours: Everyday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

When most people think of thrifting, they probably think of used clothes for a dirt-cheap price.

However, there is a whole other galaxy in the thrifting universe: true, vintage thrifting.  

Most shops use the term, “vintage,” lightly and in the sense that their clothes are used and donated. Awoke Vintage sells genuine vintage clothing, accepting clothes from original lines of clothing brands and those that date back to the mid-1900s.

In a generation where styles of the past are making their comeback, Awoke Vintage in Williamsburg offers an oasis of eccentric, wearable vintage clothing items for all who step through their doorway.

Stuart Alan, Leslie Tay Original, and Lady Carole of New York are just a few of the clothing brands that decorate the racks at Awoke. Unfortunately, because their clothes are truly one-of-a-kind, Awoke’s prices can seem pretty steep. However, their pieces are strictly vintage or come from higher-end brands such as J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger. Don’t be scared of the high prices--they have sale racks outside of the two entrances and often have a sale shelf inside.

As a way of making vintage shopping more convenient for its customers, Awoke has opened three stores throughout New York City and Brooklyn, and has also offered a way to shop their vintage pieces through their Instagram.

Although the prices may be higher than the average thrift store, Awoke Vintage is worth taking a chance on. It provides a unique opportunity for customers to experience untold stories as they sift through the jackets and blouses on the racks.

“By wearing a thrifted piece of clothing, you get to translate a former story and write a new one in that article of clothing.” Haefs said. “Besides, the discovery and digging for a new jacket or shirt is great, and you can find some really killer additions to your ‘business casual’.”

Thrifting, while convenient for the wallets of students and those searching for something extraordinary to add to their closets, is more than just sifting through racks of used clothes and bargain jeans. Thrifting is an opportunity to step into a story, or just step into a whole new style. It’s whatever an individual decides to make it, and, fortunately, Brooklyn provides several ways for people to make it their own.