These Coffee Shops in Brooklyn are Perfect for Studying

AVA Brew II Photo credit: Sydney Powell

AVA Brew II Photo credit: Sydney Powell


Over the last 10 years, coffee shops have transformed into people’s extended living rooms, offices, and conference rooms. People frequent coffee shops to get work down outside of their  small apartments and messy kitchens. As many King’s students have moved to Downtown Brooklyn, many have abandoned their beloved FiDi coffee shops. They are left to find new study spaces in the Brooklyn borough. Whether people prefer couches over tables, music instead of silence or a long walk versus a short walk, the 436 Albee residence is surrounded by a vast array of study spots for any coffee shop and study space connoisseur.


Inside Devocion

Inside Devocion

Address: 276 Livingston St, Brooklyn, Ny 11201

Hours: Monday - Friday:     7am - 7pm

Saturday - Sunday:  8am - 7pm

“It’s different than my regular coffee shops in the FiDi - it is bigger and brighter,” says regular at Devocion and King’s sophomore, Lucas Ebel. “It is a mix between Grumpy’s and Black Fox.”

Devocion mixes the brighter, open atmosphere of Grumpy’s with the darker and richer vibe of Black Fox. Ample amount of seating and walls of windows enhance the coffee shop. However, while the conversation noise can be distracting, people may need to pull out some noise cancelling headphones to get much done. Bottom line, it’s definitely a place for coffee chats more than serene studying.

AVA Brew

Address: 100 Willoughby St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hours: Monday - Friday: 7am-7pm

If you don’t want to sacrifice study time, another close coffee shop to 436 Albee is AVA Brewer. Connected to an apartment building, it is a bit hidden. Chill blues music warms up the small space.

The cozy alcoves at Ground Central are reflected in the carpet area of AVA, filled with arm chairs and couches. If Ground Central was your regular study spot in the FiDi, you’ll get a similar experience here.

The baristas are welcoming and personable. There is also a wide array of  seating for every type of studier--with a table and arm chairs and comfy couches. . There is also a printer for a quick print, a unique benefit not available at most coffee shops.

Vineapple Cafe

Address: 71 Pineapple St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hours: Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm

Saturday:              8am - 8pm

Sunday:                8am - 7pm

Down for a short commute from Albee?  Vineapple Cafe is only a stone’s throw away.

This Brooklyn Heights treasure is located between brownstones and a bagel shop at

71 Pineapple Street. This indie music playing, dimly lit coffee shop caters to multiple segments of studiers: the need to spread everything out studiers, the kick back on a couch studiers and the stand up and lean over a computer studiers.

Although Vineapple is spacious, it keeps a cozy neighborhood vibe.

“At Vineapple you get a cup for here unless you say to-go,”  says King’s junior Elli Esher.

“They have eclectic different kinds of mugs. There are books to read, and there is plenty of space to sit. But it is pretty crowded.”

However, Esher warns it may be difficult to study.“Don’t bring a group there,” she says. “Don’t have a meeting there. It can be hard to hear people. But if you want to find place to get a lot done, it is a good distance from Albee and school that not every King’s student will be there.”

It is evident there is a place for everyone in Brooklyn as there is wide array of coffee shop options. coffee shops.  

If these coffee shops are too busy or loud, it may be best to stick with the  third floor lounge at 436, when people aren’t working out with music blaring or playing pool two feet from you. Take your pick.

Coffee shops have become an extension of NYC apartments. Get out there. Explore. Prop your feet up in a new place and ace that Micro exam.

All images are credited to Sydney Powell.