TKC Men's Basketball Preview

Photo from TKC Athletics

Photo from TKC Athletics

The King’s College Men’s basketball team is coming off of an abysmal 4-14 season. The lions averaged 19.3 turnovers in conference play, which must change in order for better results this year. It was coach Bill Mangerelli’s first season at the helm of the Men’s team, and he’s optimistic about this 2017-2018 roster.

“After only 3 practices I am really excited about this year’s team. They are gelling quickly and getting used to playing together,” Coach said.

This new team is also going to have to replace James Brooks ('17) and Caleb Trouwborst ('17), who were the dynamic Power Forward & Center duo of last year.

 “I am hoping to fill the gap of losing James and Caleb with Deangelo Mcgary and Demetrius Sumpter," Coach said. "Both are transfers in their junior year.”

Photo from TKC Athletics

Photo from TKC Athletics

Justin Cox has been named captain of the 2017 basketball team. Coach is counting on him to help get the team into fighting shape.

“I am leaning on Justin to be a team leader and get the guys focused and ready to play each and every game," Coach said. "For a young guy, Justin is a solid leader.”

The future is still unknown for this young and new team, but Coach is confident in his players. 

“I am sure there will be some growing pains with such a young team, but I feel with Deangelo Mcgary and Demetrius Sumpter, Justin Cox leading us we are going to be a very tough and competitive team all year,” he said.

With all cylinders firing this team has the potential to make playoffs, and have a winning season. It’ll ultimately come down to how quickly this team can become a cohesive unit.



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