President Gregory Thornbury assumes new role of Chancellor, part of larger leadership restructuring plan

Gregory Thornbury moves from being President of The King’s College to take on the role of Chancellor as part of a larger leadership restructuring plan, the school said Tuesday.

Thornbury is stepping down after a presidency of four and a half years, at a time when the college will be restructuring its leadership to include more roles to share the responsibilities and capacities of the role of the president.

“I am incredibly grateful to this board, faculty, staff and students for all of the significant and might I daresay historic progress we have made during this time,” said President Thornbury in a press release.  “I look forward to even greater days for King’s building on the momentum our excellent team has led, and to contributing to that progress in a new way while serving as Chancellor.”

General Timothy Gibson will be stepping in as acting-president until the restructuring of King’s leadership is complete.

A school official said Thornbury met with the board earlier this semester to suggest more minds be brought together to better fulfill the many demands of the presidency.

In a meeting starting at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 21, Thornbury met with full-time staff, cabinet members, faculty, and house presidents to break the news before releasing a statement to the student body. Thornbury expressed his love for the school and his appreciation of faculty and alumni.

Thornbury’s new role as Chancellor will include bringing speakers in to speak at the college, fundraising, and promotion of the school.

The new leadership structure will share responsibility of overseeing the college. The exact role titles and the people who will fill them are still unknown.