Keeping Up with The King's Council: Publius and Unanimous Votes

The meeting began with a prayer from Bonhoeffer President Josh Hinen. Elle Rogers then captured the attention of the Council with her presentation on Publius. Publius is a part of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a partner of King’s. Elle Rogers, consul and chairman of the organization, asked to become an official Student Organization. Their executive board includes Rogers as Consul (Chairman), Damaris Parry as Praetor (Vice-Chairman), Hannah Silver as Censor (Director of Public Relations), and Nicolas Straut as Quaestor (Treasurer). The organization currently has about 15 members, including Professor Paul Mueller and King’s alumna and valedictorian Rebecca Au (‘15). The group is currently reading Alasdair Macintyre’s “After Virtue” in their book club. One of their goals is to host a Federalist Day celebration with a professor panel at lunch and keynote presentation in the evening. After the convincing presentation by Rogers, it was put to a vote. Ten out of ten House Presidents voted “yes” without hesitation. Publius is now an official Student Organization at King’s.

SBP Katherine Thompson spoke briefly about the Town Hall Debate, happening the following day, February 16. The goal of the debate is to allow the student body to engage with SBP candidates Stuart Clay and Michael Martinez in dialogue about critical issues and their vision for the future of TKC. At least two questions will be taken from Twitter and one question from Director of City Engagement Sadie Elliott.

Director of Student Organizations Christina Markakis updated the Council about the Budget Committee meeting that will be happening next week. Markakis is also finishing up audits from the Student Organizations with highlights of what they have been up to. Director of Student Events Michelle Lindhardt reminded the Council about the Bonanza debate coming up this Friday, February 17. Attendants will receive a free banana. Also, The Table and Student Events are putting on the Starlight Art Night on February 24. Director of Spiritual Life Michael Martinez and his committee are creating a Christian community calendar with dates for Spiritual Life events, bible studies, etc.

A few motions were then brought to the Council. The first was motioned by SBA President Stephanie Pelski and requested exclusive access to the Student Union for her House’s alumni dinner on Saturday, February 18. House Presidents unanimously voted “yes” to Pelski’s request.

Next motion came from the Council and asked to approve the Student Body President’s stipend of $5,000 for the 2017-18 fiscal year, the same amount current SBP Thompson received. The motion was approved with nine out of ten yeses, Lewis President and SBP candidate Stuart Clay abstained.

The third motion was discussed in the previous Council meeting regarding the debrief procedure acted out by the SBP and DofC. This motion was approved with a resounding “yes” from ten out of ten presidents. This motion requires the next SBP must create and use a specific debrief procedure.

The fourth motion presented was also discussed in the previous meeting, which requires that non-students and Student Life members must be invited to attend and participate in Committee meetings. Once again, ten out of ten presidents voted “yes” and the motion was approved. In regards to all the unanimous voting, SBP Thompson said “There is so much unity, I can feel it,” and Director of Communications Healey declared it to be the “best day ever.”

The fifth and final motion, created by Lewis President Clay, proposed to change the wording of Section 1 of the Council By-Laws. Clay motioned to take out the word “value” and replace it with “virtue.” After this change, Section 1 would read, “The Council exists to shape a virtue centered culture and enable a student-driven community.” Clay told the Council his reason for this small change is that he believes the word “value” does not mean anything, and he wants the explanation of the Council to be meaningful. After little discussion, it was put up to a vote and approved with nine out of ten House Presidents voting “yes,” with a “no” from QE1 President Jess Matthews.

The Council then went into an Executive Session to discuss nominees of the Student Service Award that will be given to a senior at graduation this May.

Meeting Highlights

  • Student Body President
    • Town Hall Debate on February 16
  • Director of Student Events
    • Bonanza Debate on February 17
    • Starlight Art Night on February 24
  • Director of Spiritual Life
    • Creating calendar for Spiritual Life events, bible studies, etc.


  • Publius is now an official Student Organization.
  • SBA is allowed exclusive access to the Student Union for their alumni dinner on February 18.
  • SBP stipend of $5,000 is approved for the 2017-18 fiscal year.
  • Debrief procedure must be created by new SBP each year and DofC will include debriefs of any Statesmanship initiative, Council-sponsored event, and House competition in the Council agenda.
  • Section 1 of the by-laws was changed from “value centered culture” to “virtue centered culture.”