SBP Campaigns Wrapping Up, Candidates Continue Debate Online

Last week, SBP candidates Stuart Clay and Michael Martinez campaigned to the student body with "Mike and Ikes" candy and slow cookers full of stew.

The candidates each kicked off the week with meet-and-greets where their fellow students could get to know them more personally.

ESTv released interviews with both Clay and Martinez last Tuesday, which gave students an even better picture of who they would be voting for in this election. Campaign week continued as both candidates updated their campaign accounts on Instagram and Twitter with posts that informed students about their respective platforms.

Thursday, Clay and Martinez faced each other for the first time publicly in a debate, moderated by current SBP Kat Thompson. You can read more about the major clashes and recurring themes in that debate here.

Friday, ESTv livestreamed the Bonanza Debate. Students were able to see a more fun side of the SBP race and of their candidates.

Over the weekend, the candidates continued to campaign on social media. Sunday, Clay published “Stublius Papers No. 1” on the “Stu4SBP” social media pages. He denounced a major platform piece of Martinez’s.

“As an unintended consequence, a Spiritual Life exec member explicitly assumes the role that other exec members should fulfill, and denies house members the opportunity to take on spiritual life responsibilities," Clay wrote.

Within hours, Martinez responded to the Stublius Paper, clarifying his stance on the fifth house exec team position.

“I have recognized existing problems within the structure of King’s Christian Community and Formation and have attempted to create a real solution," Martinez wrote in the letter, published on “Mike4SBP” social media pages.

“The process I’m proposing would be slow, cautious, and thorough; it would require that we flesh out all of the possible concerns, take stock of the situation, and wrestle with real questions," Martinez added. 

This week, the student body was happy to receive not only a little more free food than usual, but to get to know Clay and Martinez -- and their platforms -- better through social media, debates and the candidates’ own events.

The Tribune will continue to cover the SBP elections, with more reports and live announcements to come! Do not forget to vote for the candidate you believe will serve the student body best this Tuesday, February 21.