Michael Martinez Named 2017-2018 Student Body President

New SBP Michael Martinez sits down with ESTv moments after today's announcement. 

After over a week of campaigning, the results are in. Current SBP Kat Thompson named Michael Martinez the ‘17-’18 Student Body President at The King's College.

During the SBP race, current Director of Spiritual Life Michael Martinez spearheaded a presidential campaign that emphasized his desire to “inform and unite” and “create and give.”

Martinez continues to support a fifth House executive team position focused on Christian community and city engagement. However, this major platform piece is just one part of Martinez’s greater focus on creating a community that shows “Christ’s love in big ways and in small ways.”

He told the Tribune after the SBP announcement he, “think[s] that there is a lot of opportunity in front of us and I’m excited to figure out what we can create.”

He added, “I’m excited to set the tone and have a higher standard here on campus where we love each other.”

“We’re going to get to work to figure out how that looks and I am really excited to get going.” He said. “If anybody has any questions-if anybody wants to get involved reach out to me. I’m here. I’m for you.”

As SBP, Martinez plans to bring this emphasis to the Council as they work towards making King’s a more unified, organized, and Christ-center community.

The new SBP will take office on April 19. The student body is buzzing with excitement as they rally around the leader who seeks to lead the culture and community of King’s next year.

Elle Rogers (‘19), who worked with Martinez on his campaign, told the Tribune after the announcement, “God is doing something through the King’s College Community. That’s why I came here in the first place and working with Michael everyday through this journey I have seen the Lord at work…I cannot wait to see where this community goes in the next year.”

Mariana Pimiento (‘20), also shared her thoughts on the result. She said, “I think it was tough choosing between the two [candidates] because they’re both really great people.”

Martinez served on the Cabinet under Kat Thompson as the Director of Spiritual Life

Martinez served on the Cabinet under Kat Thompson as the Director of Spiritual Life

After the announcement, current SBP Kat Thompson offered advice to Martinez and final thoughts on her own administration in an interview with ESTv, encouraging Martinez to “love and support your team [as SBP].”

She also told the Tribune that Martinez is, “a world-class administrator, world-class friend, and I think he’s going to do a phenomenal job.”

Current SBP Kat Thompson has done an incredible job as president so far, and it appears the student body only has more excellence to look forward to this coming academic year.