Michael Martinez Declares SBP Candidacy, Official Announcement in Three Days

The season of abundant baked goods and competition for leadership, also known as the student body president election, is almost here. With the official candidacy announcement three days away, this Tribune exclusive provides early access to the SBP election race. 

Students might know the first candidate to declare as Fall Retreat’s zumba teacher, or perhaps as the Council’s current Spiritual Life Director.  Either way, Michael Martinez ('18) is a name to know as the race begins next week.

“[I want to] bring my creativity, my energy, and my experience to the students of The King's College by walking alongside others in love, as Christ has loved us,” Martinez wrote via email.

In his time thus far at King’s, Martinez served as an editor for the Empire State Tribune, as Helmsman of the House of Bonhoeffer and as a student worker for the Admissions Department. This year he most prominently serves as a member of Student Body President Kat Thompson’s Cabinet, as the Director of Spiritual Life.

His work with the Thompson often focused on efficiency, seeking to improve the Council’s productivity. Martinez wishes to continue that work as SBP.

“I want to inspire a spirit of creativity where we equip and encourage all students, all Houses, all Student Organizations to take smart risks, propose new ideas, [and] not be afraid to fail,” Martinez noted about his vision.

While Martinez hopes to appoint Cabinet members who “have the passion and the drive to see their own amazing ideas through,” he has several concrete initiatives he desires to work for. For example, he wants to create a Council subscription newsletter, give creatives on campus more opportunities to share their talents, and strengthen fundraising, event planning, and finance training via Statesmanship and/or the Cabinet.

A commitment to high quality production is a characteristic which Martinez values. Whether it is events, video content, or social media design, professional quality will be his the goal.

“I aim to make the student experience at the King's College visually consistent, aesthetically-pleasing, and exciting,” Martinez added. “I look forward to bringing optimism, creativity, and simplicity to the role."

Martinez is also aware of students’ desire to “Make King’s Warm Again.”

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 9.57.49 AM.png

“Yes, let's make King's warm again. Although, Lance [Gocke]'s ‘dry bathroom counter’ platform hits a little closer to home for me,” Martinez said.