Get Truckin’: The FiDi’s Best Lunch Stops

Photo contributed by Jillian Cheney and Shannon Mason

Photo contributed by Jillian Cheney and Shannon Mason

When the usual PB&J sandwich gets old, or the idea of swallowing another bite of Cucina Bene pizza makes you sick, there is another place to turn. Tucked away on the water-facing side of Hanover Square, a mere seven-minute walk from school, there is a food truck palace.

The aroma entices everyone from Wall Street workers to college students, promising endless options for lunch food. These food trucks treat the midday slump and cure the hungry college student stomach—without emptying their pockets.

For lunch, a pita is always a good idea. The smell of Absolute Greek, a food truck, guides hungry students right under their umbrella to be coaxed by a variety of meal options, each which provide a different twist to your normal everyday lunch. The menu is packed with Greek salads, Greek burgers, and an assortment of spreads, but the most eye-catching snack is the Greek fries.

The Greek fries satisfy the common lunchtime craving for something salty paired with something hearty. The fries are dosed with a blend of oregano and sea salt with soft bits of crumbled feta on top. Gyro meat is then layered on top of the pile of fries, all with a side of Tahini sauce.

For a more filling lunch, perhaps try the gyro sandwich, which is loaded with golden cooked gyro meat and vegetables. The gyro sandwich is more than the regular halal cart gyro because of the quality of the meat. The prices are a bit higher than a regular halal cart, but do they have Greek fries?

When the distinct craving for Chipotle hits your taste buds, an alternative option is Tacos Morelos. This food truck even offers options for our dairy-free and gluten-free friends. From observation, Tacos Morelos usually has a line formed at the window; however most customers get their food within five minutes.

The truck sells a heaping burrito bowl with steak, guacamole, lettuce, black beans, rice, Pico de Gallo, mexican crema, cheese, and spicy sauce for just $8.50, which you can pay by cash or card. The bowl has the perfect amount of spicy elements, cooled down with refreshing lettuce and guacamole. You can even save half to eat after school.  For those who are in a rush and do not want to pay Chipotle's prices, Tacos Morelos is a delicious alternative.

Photo contributed by Jillian Cheney and Shannon Mason

Photo contributed by Jillian Cheney and Shannon Mason

Yankee Doodle Dandy claims to have “The Best Chicken Tenders You’ll Ever Eat!” This might be a little bit of a stretch, but their chicken tenders are delicious, reminiscent of the chicken strips that can only be found back home—for a Southerner, anyway.

Every part of Yankee Doodle Dandy’s “Winner Winner” platter has seemingly been transported from a home-cooked, comfort food meal. Their fries are perfectly golden, the Texas toast fulfills all cravings for unnecessary carbs, and the potato salad is incredible, if not forgotten after other generous portions. The sauce is the only accessory to the meal that isn’t to-die-for, with an odd herb flavor that may be popular with the truck’s other patrons.

In addition to the chicken tender platter, Yankee Doodle Dandy sells a variety of chicken sandwiches with various toppings and dipping sauces. Most dishes, including the “Winner Winner” platter, are only $10; the meal doesn’t include a drink, but the large portions make up for the missing piece. Before heading to this food truck, be prepared to pay according to their cash-only policy. With friendly workers and great food, Yankee Doodle Dandy certainly a winner (winner) overall.

In general, it’s best to visit food trucks with cash: most will now accept credit cards, but there are some that only take cash. However, if needed, there are a few ATMs in the area. Stay on the lookout, too, for lunch specials. Some food trucks will discount a regular menu item on certain days, or throw in a drink and fries for cheaper than they normally would be.

In the Financial District, this hub of food trucks provides the most options in a small space. There are halal carts every few blocks—including a popular cart outside 95 Wall—and a Vietnamese banh mi stand in front of 10 Hanover. They’re a great place to grab lunch when Pret-a-Manger gets old or when protein and greasy fries are absolutely necessary. When hunger hits, grab some cash and get truckin’.