Keeping Up with The King's Council: When, Where and How to Get Your Dance On

The meeting started off with a prayer from Thatcher President Gabrielle Vickers. SBP Kat Thompson showed the Council a few pictures from her trip to England and shared a funny video of Kevin Hart riding a roller coaster.

SBP Thompson reminded the Council that there are only a few meetings left. Next week’s meeting will involve choosing recipients of the Faculty/Staff Award. Next, Director of Student Events Michelle Lindhardt updated the Council about Spring Formal.

This year, Spring Formal will take place on Saturday April 22, 7-11pm. The venue the Events Committee selected after viewing several options is the "RARE View Murray Hill" rooftop location at 37th and Lexington Ave. Linhardt recommends partygoers to take the 4/5 train to Grand Central and walk about seven minutes to the venue. She says it is doable in heels. This venue is entirely outside, on the rooftop, so there is a backup location, the RARE View Chelsea location, if rain is in the forecast for that day. Linhardt asked House Presidents to be in the loop to hear if there is a location change, and to send that information to their House via email and social media.

Further information about ticket sales will come later, but there will be an early bird special, a “two-fer” deal, regular admission, and most likely a day-of admission ticket as well. Ticket are being finalized with the help of Professor Paul Mueller, but prices will be $25-35. Lastly, Linhardt reminded the Council the purpose of Spring Formal, “to have one last night where the King’s community is comprised of these specific people… to celebrate where we’ve been and where we’re going.” Also, Linhardt asks that no attendees bring alcohol to the event or drink beforehand, or as Director of Communications Helen Healey says, “Don’t be super lit.” Director of Finance Megan Starnes reminds the Council, “We are not spending $20,000 for anyone to be stupid.”

Director of Spiritual Life Michael Martinez told the Council the current City Engagement Coordinator and the President of Refuge are looking for new people to fill their positions. Martinez told Presidents to tell anyone who is interested to email Sadie Elliott for City Engagement and Grace Karls for Refuge.

The Council then went on to its only motion of the night. The motion sought to approve giving $400 to the newest Student Organization, The Click. With little discussion, nine out of nine present Presidents voted “yes.”

Lastly, SBP Thompson told the Council that the Interregnum Committee will be joining them next week. Thompson would like the committee to let House Presidents know the outline and how they can set the proper tone as we close out the year. Thompson asked Presidents if they had any questions that she could ask the committee beforehand. Truth President Dorea Slagle wants to know if Performing Arts will be streamed online, Barton President Ali Zieminski would like her House to have the chance to see the rubrics for debate, and Thatcher President Gabrielle Vickers would like to discuss how the freshmen will perceive the events of Interregnum without already reading the book for the reading test, since they were not required to do so.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.

Meeting Highlights:

  • Director of Student Events
  • Spring Formal
  • April 22, 7-11pm
  • Venue: RARE View Murray Hill (37th & Lexington)
  • Tickets: $25-35
  • Director of Spiritual Life
  • City Engagement Coordinator position → Email Sadie Elliott if interested
  • President of Refuge → Email Grace Karls if interested


  • The Click was approved to receive $400.
CampusSavanna Wilson