SBP Martinez Announces 2017-2018 Cabinet Appointments

Michael Martinez, 2017-2018 Student Body President of The King’s College, announced his appointments to cabinet via TKC Council’s Instagram. 

Members from the House of Barton, Bonhoeffer, Thatcher and Truth are among Martinez’s picks for cabinet. His nominations, as seen in the video, are as follows:

  • Elle Rogers, Director of Communications
  • Emily Bingham, Director of Finance
  • Lizzy Logan, Director of Events
  • Carter Fletcher, Director of Spiritual Life
  • Nick Beckman, Director of Student Organizations

The Instagram video focuses on members' joy and excitement to be a part of Martinez’s team for the upcoming academic year.

“Each one of us really loves this community and we’re ready to serve it well,” Emily Bingham ('18) said. “I’m excited for the big moments, like Fall Retreat, and the small ones too, like meaningful conversations in the hallway.”

Bingham, a finance major in the House of Barton, sees her role as an opportunity to utilize the teachings of Professor Brian Brenberg.

“It’s a unique group of individuals — there’s a good introvert to extrovert balance,” says Lizzy Logan, member of the House of Truth, referring to her future team.

Members of Martinez’s Cabinet are excited to see the direction he leads the school during the course of the year with carefully curated, detail oriented events and a deep emphasis on spiritual life on campus.

“Just from the past few weeks of getting to know him, [Martinez] has been so encouraging to me,” Logan said. “He is very sure and stable, especially in his cabinet picks. I’m excited to work with him.”

Martinez, a member of this year’s current cabinet, won the student body’s vote earlier in March. He is a member of the House of Bonhoeffer and is the Director of Spiritual Life under '16-'17 SBP Katherine Thompson.

“I think we’re going to hit the ground running,” says Martinez describing his plans for the year ahead.

“It’s the best team I could have picked because I’ve seen what they’re made of individually,” Martinez says. “There are new friendships and old friendships on the team, and they all have a big commitment to the school and individuals in the community.”

Martinez knows that everything will not always be easy as he serves in this position, but he is confident of the team he has put together to support him.

“Sometimes, I need to be called out, and my ideas need to be challenged,” he says. “I chose this team knowing that we have relationships strong enough that we can accomplish this in a healthy way, in service to the students.”

The team is the most important thing to Michael.

“Anybody that’s been on an Exec Team knows that in part their job is defined by the job description of President, Scholar, Helmsmen, or Chamberlain, but most of what defines you is being apart of the team as a whole,” Martinez says. “I feel so good about the team I’m walking into the year with regardless of what hat or job description they’re wearing.”

Martinez describes his goal for the 2017-2018 school year saying, “We’re not going to do everything perfectly, but I want to constantly work on doing the little things well.”

“Recently, I’ve been thinking about cutting triangles for a banner to hang up at an event. Down to the most minute detail, I want us to do it excellently, even if that means cutting triangles with love and joy.”

Martinez’s cabinet appointments were presented to The King’s Council for approval and made official April 12.


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