Gibson Delivers First Convocation Speech as President

Student Body President Brandon Smith addresses the freshman class at St. Paul's Cathedral. || Photo Credit: Gabriela Kressley

Student Body President Brandon Smith addresses the freshman class at St. Paul's Cathedral. || Photo Credit: Gabriela Kressley


The King’s College gathered at St. Paul’s Chapel to welcome Freshman and First Years into the King’s Community through the signing of the Honor Code, on Tuesday.

First year students filled the floor of St. Paul’s chapel, congregating under their house crests—in newly forged communities--while upperclassmen filled the balconies.

After receiving the presidential medallion and a roar of congratulatory applause, President Gibson mounted the stage to deliver his first address to our community— setting the tone not only for a new class of students, but for a new season at The King’s College.

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“We are intentionally not a college with an order of set rules, policies, and regulations precisely because we aspire to interact freely.” Gibson said. “Our behaviors, shaped by virtue, which is itself molded and forged by our Christian faith is one visible expression of that aspiration is the signing of the King’s Honor Code.”

Drawing attention to the historic walls in which the community gathered, Gibson reminded the congregation of the room in which they sat and the history that surrounded it.

George Washington accompanied by his Vice President and congress came to this very church after being sworn in as the first president of the United States.

Drawing parallels between the founding of the United States and the aspirations of The King’s College, Gibson goes on to say, “There is a balance between the constitution of a free nation and the character of its citizens. Both have responsibilities, one to each other.”

With a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the nation and her citizens, the American Republic was founded.

He reminds students that a similar interdependency exists for the community at King’s.

This college is intentionally not one defined by rigidity and instead is a college designed to foster a community striving toward excellence with behaviors shaped by virtue, “molded and strengthened by faith.”

The Honor Code is upheld as a symbol of that vision, “meant to demonstrate voluntary, intentional decision to commit to a way of life not a list of rules.” In this interdependency, the community sharpens itself.

After outlining the vision of The King’s college as a community founded in faith, freedom, and virtue, President Gibson asked all those who listen to invest in bringing that ideal to fruition: “Strive with me and commit to that purpose. It is worthy of your best. It is worthy of my best. And together we can see it become reality.”