This Pop-Up Will Tickle You Pink

|| Photo Credits: Serena Tuomi

|| Photo Credits: Serena Tuomi


The Color Factory (TCF), an interactive museum, has made its way to SoHo for a limited time to give New Yorkers the chance to feel like a kid again.

Beginning in San Francisco, this new pop-up has since traveled to New York City.

NYC is full of museums, but none are quite like this – this museum is one of color. The experience is multi-sensory, you don’t just walk through it, but instead you dance, spin, eat, and laugh your way through.

TCF’s goal is as simple as it sounds: to allow people an opportunity to look at color in a whole new way. The interactions are meant to stimulate your senses in a way most people don't normally experience on a daily basis.

Throughout the experience you're offered opportunities to play music, draw pictures, dance your heart out, eat treats, take photos, play games, jump around, but, most importantly, step back into your childhood.

“I felt like a kid again. I got the chance to escape the rush of the city to slow down and enjoy things such as taste, colors, art, and touch!” said Lydia Marlin.


Each room in the museum is unique and all are interactive. Of the rooms, some included a disco party, xylophones, color wheels, and to finish off your tour – a ball pit.

“My favorite room was the ball pit! It was very blue and extremely fun to jump around in. They even offered blue ice cream samples! It was all very pleasing.” said Hannah Coston.

The mochi, macarons, ice cream, and candy really enhance your time and give you a chance to match a color to a flavor, arousing your taste buds.

After you make your way through the museum you’re offered a map with extra color opportunities within the surrounding neighborhood so your experience can continue after you’ve left the museum. The team doesn't want you to only notice colors during your hour in the museum but instead they work to serve as a beginning to your outlook on our colorful world.

There are 16 different rooms, most of which are in collaboration with different artists. Molly Young, a local NYC artist, helped create a unique room experience where guests are able to discover what their own secret color is based on a flowchart quiz they take which leads them to a personalized room.


The museum is extremely Instagrammable as well. Millennials have been raving over the thoroughly thought through color palettes.

“It’s like jumping into a Picasso!” said Lydia Marlin.

After leaving the museum your camera roll will be brimming with aesthetic photos ready to be shared for months to come.

However, this experience is so much more than Instagram content. The vibrancy of every experience really allows for one’s creative side to be sparked. After walking through and taking in all TCF has to offer, you'll leave feeling inspired to go out and create.

“It’s so weird to think that vibrant colors actually have as large of an impact on your mood as they do. I’m used to constant color where I’m from, so the grey of this city can get kind of depressing. The Color Factory was just what I needed.” said Taryn Cohn.

Whatever your schedule looks like, The Color Factory is certainly something worth adding to your Google Calendar. To get into the museum you must purchase tickets online in advance. Once you're all set you can head to Spring Street for your adventure, but don’t wait too long because the pop-up will only be selling tickets through October 31st.

So go out and get colorful.