Students sacrifice time and food during SLP's day of prayer and fasting


Financial District, NEW YORK--The Spiritual Life Project (SLP) unified The King’s College student body in fellowship for a day of prayer and fasting Tuesday, Jan. 22. Those involved fasted for breakfast and lunch and gathered in the City Room for a prayer meeting at noon to encourage and strengthen participants. Students, faculty and alumni prayed in small groups to dedicate themselves to God and the King's community.

A few students said this was their first time experiencing an activity like this at King’s. Serenity Richardson expressed appreciation for the many individuals who sacrificed time from their schoolwork or lunch hour to come and give thanks to God.

Catherine Ratcliffe ('14) and Carly Calhoun ('15) talk after the noon meeting

Professor Fotopulos shared her personal devotions from the book of Luke, along with a quote paraphrasing Ephesians 5:11, which reads: “Have nothing in common with darkness.”

Students found out they had more in common with peers than they did with darkness. “We can relate to each other easier because there were a lot of similarities in our prayers,” Charlie Freeman said.

Although interim President Andy Mills couldn’t attend the event, he left students with the message that prayer and fasting are the building blocks for a Christian community.

“It’s amazing how parts of our community came together for one common purpose, which was to give praises to the same God,” Charity Lewis said.

Students offered prayers of adoration first, followed by confessions of sins and repentance, which transitioned into thanksgiving for blessings, and then prayers of supplication.

The evening progressed with more group fellowship.  Topics of discussion and prayer ranged from personal achievement, to our presidential search, to the growth and faith of our community.

The day concluded with an evening of worship sponsored by The Tent, the worship band at King's. “It was a good time of reflecting over the day and bringing it to completion with communion,” SLP co-leader Leah Stratton said.