YAF Hosts Bay Buchanan, Speaker on the Reagan Administration and America's Future Generation


Bay Buchanan -- political analyst, author, columnist, political commentator, CFO, campaign manager, public speaker and former Treasurer of the United States under Ronald Reagan -- spoke at The King's College this past Monday. She spoke on her deep respect for Reagan, due to his treatment of those around him and his reverence for the Presidency. She also spoke about her experiences: working for Reagan, being a mother, and advocating as a conservative.

According to Buchanan, Reagan did not need adoration or popularity, as he felt completely satisfied cutting wood back at his ranch in California. Buchanan believed Reagan demonstrated true, principled leadership. He never cared what anyone thought of him, even when they taunted him about his speech or plaid business wear.

When Reagan let go some of Buchanan's friends, Buchanan became worried. But Reagan invited her to his and Nancy's hotel room and personally confirmed to her that she would not be let go. She recounted a time when she slipped into a meeting at the White House and Reagan hugged her before his  attendant could introduce the two. After the March 1981 attempted assassination, she met with Reagan to tell him how happy she was that he survived.

“He told me ‘I know I am on borrowed time,’” Buchanan recounted.

In her opinion, Reagan was humble. “Reagan never said ‘I,’” she said. Reagan did not simply reiterate facts but “spoke in stories.”

Buchanan said that the key to establishing bold opinions was through debate. She told students at the event, “pick an issue that you care about and read the other side,” so that you can defend their own side. She encouraged students to stand up for and educate themselves about their beliefs. She said Reagan believed that “there [was] no room on the American flag for pastel,” and no need for it.

Buchanan spoke on her disappointment for the leaders of today, expressing that she did not believe there were any true leaders in D.C anymore. The “people we call leaders in Washington” are losing themselves to entitlement and act “like sheeps [sic],” Buchanan declared. To her, the American people have become enraged with Washington's leaders to the point where they only want someone who is “going to make a deal.”

Buchanan motivated the students to be the difference.

“The future of the country is relying on you," Buchanan said.

In closing, she challenged King's students to find out what “moves you” and become apart of it.

This event was hosted by Cynthia Ferraiolo ('18), President of Young Americans for Freedom, a national organization "committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values."

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