Houses Elect New Exec Teams


Empire State Building, NEW YORK– The House System is currently going through an election process that will decide next year's leadership teams. Candidates of each house must be nominated for their desired position, complete an application process, write a one-page position paper and be elected by a majority vote of fellow House members. Students that desire to run for president must have one year's experience serving in a leadership role on campus. Other available leadership positions include Helmsman, Chamberlain and Scholar. So far, the executive teams for next year are as follows:

The House of Margaret Thatcher: Mary Pham (President), Maddie Whitlock (Chamberlain), Aimee Pham (Helmsman), Catherine Radcliffe (Scholar)

The House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Peter Flemming (President), Jacob Dinsmore (Chamberlain), Charles Freeman (Helmsman), Joseph Gebert (Assistant Helmsman), Jonathan Schwab (Scholar)

The House of Clara Barton: Eliza Ohman (President), Anna Wilhelm (Chamberlain), Carly Calhoun (Helmsman), Kara Carlson (Scholar)

The House of Queen Elizabeth I: Kathryn Knowlden (President), Corinne DuBois (Chamberlain), Heather Cate (Helmsman), Kara Bettis (Scholar)

The House of C.S. Lewis: Run-off election for President, Nathan Sherrer (Chamberlain), Varut Chee (Helmsman), Charlie Durham (Scholar)

The House of Corrie Ten Boom: Christina Morgan (President), Megan Stoll (Chamberlain), Kendall Seely (Helmsman), Laura Bradshaw (Scholar)

The House of Sojourner Truth: Chelsey Lamwatt (President), Mallory McCurry (Chamberlain), Stafanie Gardner (Helmsman), Bianca Caraza (Scholar)

The House of Susan B. Anthony: Clara LeFever (President), Breanna Duffy (Chamberlain), Kelli Odonnell (Helmsman), Laurel Rescetar (Scholar)

The House of Ronald Reagan: David Dantzler (President), Nathan Deardorff (Chamberlain), Josh Durnell (Helmsman), Alex Ige (Scholar)

The House of Winston Churchill: Brandon Trotter (President), Jordan Best (Chamberlain), Robert Punchur (Helmsman), Chris Svendsen(Scholar)