Council Insider: Film Competition report, extra funds to Houses


Financial District, NEW YORK—QE1 President Kate Knowlden represented the Council in a presentation to the Interregnum Committee on Tuesday, Oct. 16 to request the upcoming Film Competition become part of the Performing Art competition during Interregnum week.

The Council had been concerned that set apart from the rest of the Interregnum events, the Film Competition was too much of a time commitment, and gave some Houses an unfair advantage in specialized skills required to create a quality submission.

Knowlden reported to the Council that she was pleased with the Committee's receptiveness, expressing optimism that a mutually agreeable settlement could be reached. Assistant Dean of Students Shelli Cline briefly spoke to the presidents as well, urging them to seek unity and cooperation on the potentially divisive issue, regardless of their personal feelings about the Interregnum Committee's final decision.

Director of Finance Allison Bates informed the Council that an additional $3,000 had rolled over from last year's budget and needed to be allocated.

At the recommendation of SBA President Clara LeFever, the presidents decided to allocate one-third of the sum to the Houses, giving each House an additional grant of $100. Allocation of the remaining funds was put off until the next meeting, pending a recommendation from the Director of Finance.

DSO A.J. Aran reported that the Theatre Club, which had initially been granted the most money of any club, requested an additional $1,500 to purchase two new stages. The Council decided to table discussion until further review of the Theatre Group’s financial statements.

Other agenda items included a second date change for the Namesake Competition, scheduled now for February 9, and nomination of members for the House Competitions Committee. Five students were nominated to be part of the HCC, including Churchill President Brandon Trotter.

Meetings of The King's Council are open to the entire King's community – students, faculty, and staff. The next one will be held on Tuesday, Oct.30 at noon in the Founder's Room, in the Executive Suite on the 5th floor.