SBP election stats: Race continues in a run-off


Financial District, NEW YORK-- Dean of Students at The King's College, David Leedy, announced Wednesday at noon that the Student Body President election will continue in a run-off between Maxine Fileta ('15) and Jonny Lile ('15), making the 2014 race the second run-off in King's history. Fileta received 44 percent of the votes in the first round. Lile came in second with 29 percent. Lucinda Sweazey ('15) received 27 percent of votes, losing to Lile by a mere two percent.

According to Leedy, 341 students participated in the first round of voting--almost 80 percent of the student body. This figure marks a notable surge compared to the 67 percent of the student body who voted last year.

"I think the elections have gone remarkably well," said Leedy, who has worked at the college since student government was first introduced in 2000. "This is the best line-up of presidential candidates I've ever seen. In terms of the caliber of the person, the quality of leadership and their rapport with the student body."

Leedy said the campaign has been the most creative he's seen. More specifically he mentioned Fileta's hip hop video and Sweazy's Instagram campaign.

"What I'm most astounded by is how many students actually voted," said Fileta. "The fact that 80 percent of the student body voted for their student body president is the most exciting news I could have had throughout this election."

The second round of voting will close tomorrow, Feb. 27 at midnight.