What to Expect at Spring Formal This Weekend


The year is drawing to a close, and it’s time to celebrate with the Spring Formal on Friday, April 13 at the Green Building in Brooklyn.

“It’s a good time to just let loose for a little bit in between writing papers,” Event Coordinator Clara LeFever ('14) said.

LeFever explained that the Green Building will be transformed by a subtle Moroccan theme through the rich colored fabric, paper lanterns and lighting. Because of this, the venue's theme will feel very different from last year’s theme: Springthyme in Brooklyn.

LaFever says the cost of Spring Formal will be just over $20,000, budgeted from The King's Council. Tickets cost $30 and are sold at student services or on the student portal.

"I'm a student too," LaFever said. "I know $30 isn't something you go out and spend every night, but this is an exceptional night, one that comes only once a year."

The Moroccan-inspired menu includes iced mint tea, baby lamb chops, cascading fruit trays and espresso brownies among other treats. Henna artists will tattoo for free throughout the night in the speak-easy, a small room adjacent to the main venue.

Spring formal is, you guessed it, a formal event.  Between 200 and 250 guests are expected to attend, and they can count on hours of dancing.  Request songs ahead of time using this link.

A slideshow of 2011-2012 pictures will play during the event. Lefever described spring formal as a wedding reception without the bride and groom; it’s a celebration of The King's Cabinet's accomplishments this past year and an introduction to the cabinet members for the year to come.

"The DJ's going to be great, so we'll have a really fun, long night of dancing," LaFever said.

To get to the venue, take the F train to Caroll St. in Brooklyn. It’s a short walk from there to the Green Building at 452 Union St. Right around the corner from the Green Building, there are great restaurants for dates or gatherings prior to the formal.

LeFever began planning the formal at Christmas time, with help from Rikki Heath, Raychel Eliopolus, Chelsea Lamwatt, Elise Inman, Allie Fagan, Rosalind Morabito, Maxine Fileta and Vanessa Cowan.