SBP campaigns, debates and Q&As


Michael Sheetz contributed to this report. New York, NEW YORK—King's students filed into the city room Tuesday afternoon to hear a debate between the 2014 Student Body President candidates .

The three candidates, Jonny Lile, Maxine Fileta and Lucinda Sweazey, responded to questions from current SBP, Peter Flemming and each other about their SBP plans, in addition to giving opening and closing statements.

Lile emphasized his desire to empower the student body to effect change, instead of doing everything for them. “I think it’s a little foolish for me to say that I’m going to be the one to get it all done," Lile said. "At the end of the day it’s going to be you guys getting things done. And me empowing you… to get those things done."

Responding to some students'concern that he might not be an approachable SBP, Lile acknowledged that he keeps close company with a specific group of friends, but encouraged the student body that “I’m not unapproachable… I don’t bite.”

Fileta drew attention to her past and current leadership experience at King’s, which includes her current positions as Senior Student Services Representative and Director of Student Events. She also emphasized the importance of accessibility, saying, “the best resources a Student Body President can provide students is being accessible and being relatable.”

Sweazey’s campaign focuses on career development and alumni relationships. In her platform, she proposes the appointment of a Director of Alumni Relations to the King’s Council and “quarterly social gatherings for strengthening House, alumni, and company relationships.”

Sweazey, also a student worker, brought some humor to the debate, taking multiple jabs at Flemming, the current SBP (with whom she is close friends), and making a joke about her Canadian nationality.

Sweazey currently serves as President of the House of Queen Elizabeth I. Lile is President of the House of Ronald Reagan.

“All three of [the candidates] I think would do a phenomenal job,” said Flemming. “They each bring something unique to the table.”

Regarding the final speeches the candidates will give next week, Flemming ("SB Pete") encouraged the candidates to "try and be specific in showing their vision for next year."

Both Fileta and Lile created Facebook pages to advertise their campaigns. Fileta’s can be found here. Lile’s can be found here.

Fileta also has a campaign Twitter handle: @SBP_MaxineFileta.

Candidates will give their final speeches on Monday Feb. 24. Voting will take place Feb. 24-25 and next years SBP will be announced next Wednesday, Feb. 26.