TKC Council Hosts Town Hall for Budget Increase Proposal


Seeking to increase the student government budget, The King's Council hosted a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday to hear students' thoughts on the recent proposal. At noon, Student Body President Reese Evans opened the floor of the O'Keeffe Student Union to discussion. The budget proposal would raise the student activity fee by $25 to a total $225 per semester. The President's Cabinet approved this increase with the stipulation that the student body vote to confirm the proposal.

According to the school-wide announcement emailed by The King's Council on Thursday, the $25,000 increase would be the first expansion of funds since 2009. The Council considers it necessary to better fund student organizations, school events and Spiritual Life events, as well as to help support the House system as the student body expands.

The Cabinet further explained the need for the budget, with several student organizations also presenting the opportunities for development that new funds would offer. The Troubadour would like to publish in print. The King's Players would like to continue with off-campus productions. The King's Dancers wish to purchase more equipment, such as a mat and a mirror. The Kings of Swing would like to organize a lift workshop (a more advanced swing dancing step). Furthermore, the Cabinet stressed the need for funding for Spiritual Life, which currently has no budget.

Varied student sentiment arose during the Town Hall. Many were in favor of the proposal, trusting the Council necessity warrants the increase. Those in favor saw sufficient need in the fact the Council's budget hasn't been increased since 2009 when the school was at a different location with a significantly smaller student body.

Other students expressed concern at the ambiguity of funding direction, since the individual allocation would be up to the discretion of the budget committee (a subsidiary body made up of Council members). Emma Brown ('17), a member of the Spiritual Life Committee, believes that Spiritual Life needs more of an established role before money is allocated to it.

Some students did not see a large enough reason to justify such a significant increase in the budget. With mixed feelings across campus about the proposal, the coming weeks will show the prevalence of those feelings. Voting will close on Friday at noon.

Note: The King’s Council comprises the House Presidents, the Student Body President and the five Directors of the King's Cabinet.