Keeping up with the King's Council: Stipends, Keys, and Mr. TKC

The King’s Council was met with an unexpected surprise near the end of Wednesday's meeting when President of Lewis, Fisher Derderian, suggested to raise the Student Body President’s stipend from $5,000 to $5,500. This $500 increase would allow the future president a little more room in his or her budget, thereby decreasing the need for the president to take another job. The SBP could then devote his or her time to managing presidential duties. President of Ten Boom, Jessie Schnoebelen, immediately spoke against the idea, arguing that the student body will not look kindly on more of their money flowing into the President’s pocket. Helen Healey—the President of Thatcher—responded by pointing out that if the president has more money, he or she can devote more time to presidential duties. Current Student Body President Reese Evans expressed that he was conflicted about the idea, worrying that this potentially unwelcome change might disadvantage the next president.

Other Council members expressed concern that the message might be difficult to explain to the student body and that it may cause students to look unfavorably on the previous budget increase. Schnoebelen voiced that it may appear as though the budget increase was simply going into the President’s salary. Healey argued that the message could be accurately communicated as the Council will have more time to inform the student body of the intended increase.

When put to a poll, the votes were split five and five. Evans abstained from voting, agreeing to make his decision in private and share his opinion with the Council by the time of their next meeting, which will take place in two weeks.

Meeting Highlights and Motions

  • Student Body President Reese Evans
    • Keys to access the Council Room in the Student Union have successfully been passed out to Council members.
  • Director of Student Events Mary Losiak
    • Motion to allocate $900 to Spring Concert. (passed)  Note: Spring Concert will be a free showcase of King’s students musical talent.
    • Motion to allocate $400 to Mr. TKC. (passed)
  • Director of Finance Tim Stratton
    • Motion to distribute the remaining $1,404 from the House grants budget to be allocated evenly among all ten Houses. (denied; 6 in favor, 4 against)

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Correction (2/11/2016 1:15 p.m.): An earlier version of this article erroneously stated that the discussion regarding the SBP's stipend began with a motion being raised. It was, in fact, not an official motion but an informal suggestion.

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