Keeping Up with the King's Council: Day of Prayer and Fasting, Spring Formal, and Editor Compensations

Student Body President Reese Evans opened this week’s King’s Council meeting by congratulating newly elected Student Body President Katherine Thompson. A few brief announcements were made before the Council approached the subject that would dominate the rest of the meeting: should the Council provide compensation for editors of the Empire State Tribune? Much of the discussion revolved around defining the criteria which should be used to determine which organizations should be paid, and which members should be included.  The Director of Student Organizations, Annalise Bourgeois, explained that the practice is typical at most other colleges, but pointed out that King’s does not have the means to pay all organization leaders. If the editors were simply paid based on their hard work, than other Organization Leaders may need to be paid as well. The Council was not adverse to the idea of paying the editors, but needed to hear more concrete reasons. An informal poll, taken at the end of the meeting, revealed that none of the Presidents are convinced by this idea. The meeting was adjourned, with the promise of further consideration in coming Council meetings.

In the way of other news, Director of Spiritual Life Spencer Kashmanian reminded us that The Day of Fasting and Prayer is tomorrow. Director of Student Events Mary Losiak announced March 22nd as the date for Mr. TKC and that preparations for Spring Formal are underway.