Move to new campus 75 percent complete


Financial District, NEW YORK– The move to the new campus is about 75 percent complete, according to Chief Executive Officer Duanne Moeller. Facilities staff plan to complete the campus move and renovation one week before freshmen arrive for orientation Aug. 25.

So far, 52 Broadway is in “good shape,” Moeller said.

The first phase of the move ended June 11, and Moeller handed the keys to the Lower Lobby over to Empire State Building staff June 15. Facilities Manager Rich Switzer led Sher-Del Transfer moving company and the facilities and IT departments to pack and transfer furniture, books and other supplies from the Lower Lobby to 52 Broadway.

Phase two, moving the student lounge, begins July 9, and phase three, moving the 15th floor and Admissions will begin in August.

Fresh paint and new carpet are transforming the sixth floor into faculty offices. Some faculty members are already jockeying for their preferred office spaces.

The college’s lease with the ESB terminates at the end of September. Admissions, Advancement and President D'Souza's offices will be the last to leave the ESB in mid-August.

Many students and staff worked more than 12 hours per day for the week of phase one and expect long hours during phase two as well.

Facilities Associate Chad Abbott ('13) did not seem to mind.

“Getting to see the college come together piece by piece is such a cool experience that I am so blessed to have,” he said. “It's a great feeling to be the boots on the ground pulling everything together.”

Moeller is grateful King's has a "great group of summer students" working.

“They’ve just been integral to the whole move," he said. "We couldn’t have done it without them."

The transition completion date is Aug. 16, before Statesmanship Institute Training for House leadership teams.

Last week the occupants on the fifth floor, formerly a public high school, left their classrooms.

Construction has begun in the ground-floor lobby as permits and plans are gradually approved. Ideally, the lobby will be completed by Aug. 15.

The comparatively larger library is set up and holds the same books, shelves and 10 desktop computers from the Lower Lobby library. The new media lab will offer eight additional computers for the growing student body.

Although there is no formal student lounge in the plans, Student Body President Samuel Tran (’14) says that even with a less centralized hangout space, the ground floor student lounge, a quiet lounge by the library and the café will encourage social gatherings.

"As the school establishes itself at 52 Broadway, we should definitely keep student space on campus a priority," Tran said. "In the meantime, the city is our campus and we have great places to hang out."

Director of Student Organizations A.J. Aran (’14) added, "The Financial District is filled with places to meet recreationally—such a better area than Midtown."

Aran also confirmed Student Organizations will have a designated space on campus.

The college will lease 330 Fifth Avenue until January but is currently trying to sublet it. Socrates in the City will no longer share space with King’s.

Moeller said the discovery of the new location was timely, explaining that the college was unsure of its next move after losing its lease at the end of January.

"It’s absolutely amazing that in six months we found a new space, negotiated the deal, closed the deal and have moved in," he said. "I want to thank God because in New York City, that’s a total miracle.”

Moeller declined to comment on the total cost of the move.

Watch a tour, led by Nick Swedick of Residence Life, of the Lower Lobby on the last day of the college's occupancy, courtesy of Student Services Director Jennifer Tharp.