You Will Not Believe the 15 Things This Small College Does On Its Annual Retreat


This article is also titled "15 Reasons You Should Be at Fall Retreat." This article was written by the members of The King's Council.  1. Watch other Houses initiate their freshmen

2. Conveniently sit at the same lunch table as your TKC crush

3.  Soak up the sun one last time before winter in the city

4.  Churchill guys in dresses


5. Show off your dodgeball skills to the freshman

6. Soaking up your 6 minutes of fame in drama comp.

7. Showing off your dance moves

8. Eating all the camp food you can

9. Intelligent conversations with your professors


10. Watching your student leaders rise to the occasion when your bus breaks down

11. Watch your college President play a set

12. Take a break from the MTA

13. Connect with your house

14. Show off your basketball skills

15. Have a great weekend