King’s newest club rallies skiers


Financial District, NEW YORK— The King's Council recently approved a budget that will help send King's students to the mountains of Pennsylvania for recreational skiing. Grant Olson ('14) attempted to spearhead a ski club last year with little luck due to timing and lack of interest.

This year, Ski Club president Carly Hoilman ('16) launched an effort to have the Ski Club recognized as a student organization. During a visit during Inviso last year, Hoilman discovered the school did not have a ski club and wanted to start one. This fall, she gauged student interest for the club on the King's Student Body Facebook page.

With a budget of $400 from The King’s Council, the Ski Club will make six consecutive weekend trips to Blue Mountain in Danielsville, Penn, starting January 2013 and through February. The Pocono mountains ski resort is roughly two hours from New York City.

Most of the funds will go to transportation and meals for the members.

Although more than 30 students have joined the Ski Club interest group on Facebook, at least 15 are needed for the group discount which includes discounted rates on lessons and equipment. Those 15 will secure guaranteed seats. If trips exceed 15 people, Hoilman said arrangements can be made to accommodate more.

Costs for Ski Club range from roughly $200 if students have their own equipment to $300 if students rent equipment. Students can split the costs and divide between the six ski trips with one another to lessen the cost.

There is no specific skill level needed to join the club, Hoilman said. All students are welcome.

The club’s main mission is to foster fellowship within the King’s community and represent the school in a different environment.

As a non-competitive club, the Ski Club is currently classified as a student organization with no direct affiliation to the athletic department.

For those interested in joining Ski Club, deposits are due by Monday, Oct. 29. For more information, contact club president Carly Hoilman at