Campus 411: The Library

“Syllabus Week” does not exist at King’s—it’s more like a “Syllabus Hour” that only takes up the first part of the first class. Students dive right into a pool of lectures, going full speed at a pace rivaling Michael Phelps. The semester goes from 0-100 quickly so the question is: will your grades? Finding places to focus, plug in and be productive is essential to academic success at King’s. There are nooks and crannies on campus, such as the Student Union wall desks, the sixth floor tables, the Fishbowl and the Library where you can find solitude, or socialization.

Let’s talk about the library. Did you know that the King’s library has an official name? It’s the Rosezella Battles Library, located on the 6th floor.

Knowing where to sit in the Rosezella Battles Library is crucial for your academic and/or social experience.

For maximum img_9573-1productivity, sit where you are facing nothing but a wall or a divider. Sitting across from someone is potentially a dangerous distraction. If that cute Churchill takes the empty seat facing you, say goodbye to writing that research paper and hello to writing the vows you plan on saying to him at your wedding ("Ring by Spring" PSA).


Because of this tables can also be the place where the most talking occurs. This includes hearing everything from what grade he got on his test to who she’s asking to the Sadie's Dance. Yes, Overheard at The King’s College Facebook page is great (check it out!) but Overheard at The King’s College LIBRARY is what you really want to know—especially if you want to be in the know.img_9574-1

The busiest time for the library is during lunch time. Procrastinators and worriers alike will be finishing up their papers or studying for their 1:30 p.m. exam, having to skip eating lunch to work. Last school year, signs reading “NO EATING IN THE LIBRARY” were placed strategically. However, this year these signs read, “NO EATING IN THE LIBRARY SERIOUSLY.” Does this mean we can eat in the library if we do it jokingly? The answer: to be determined.

The library offers cool things like the option to print double-sided pages, access computers, free staples and friendly student workers! If you have ever been in the library during an Inviso tour, then you probably heard that each book is handpicked by professors and faculty. Titles range from Dogs and Demons to Mathematical Mountaintops and even Food Politics.

Going to the library can be everything from intimidating to motivating. As a student, you know what works for you and what does not. Find the environment where you are the most productive. New York City offers fantastic public libraries, parks and coffee shops—you are not limited to the King’s campus! The campus library is what you make it. Just remember: keep your noise level low, your productivity high and, seriously, no eating.

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