Surviving Sickness in College


Late nights, changing weather, and living in close quarters means the unfortunate - becoming sick is inevitable. Don’t let sickness get in the way of studying. Follow these tips to get better and prevent future germs from attacking. 1. SLEEP

College students need seven to nine hours of sleep to maintain health and have full awareness for class. Though coffee might prevent dozing off, it does not prevent sickness. Take naps and go to sleep as early as possible. Rest is the best remedy.

2. Balanced Diet

It is good to watch what you eat all the time, but be especially careful about what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding. Eating yogurt can help improve the body’s ability to fight sickness and drinking orange juice is an easy way to get vitamin C. Take vitamins daily for prevention and a healthy immune system. It is important to drink lots of water as well.

3. Avoid Sharing

Living with roommates creates a larger breeding ground for germs. However, sharing hand-towels, touching the same light switches, and sleeping only a few feet away from each other are things that are hard to adjust. Do not share toothbrushes and keep them distanced from each other. Wash towels regularly.

4. Become a Germaphobe

If you think always using hand sanitizer after coming off the subway, constantly wiping down everything, and not sharing drinks might come across as annoying, it isn’t. The person coughing and sneezing in the class while you're trying to concentrate is annoying.

5. Be Prepared

Be stocked up on tissues, cough drops, and cold medicines. Going to the store while being sick is not always as easy as going when healthy. Always think ahead.

6. Skipping Class

Try to avoid skipping class. It is easy to fall behind and can ruin a good routine, which could lead to a drop in grades. However, if staying awake and focusing seems impossible, skipping class may be the better option. Email the professor about the situation and ask about what you have missed.

7. Know Your Limits

Yes, college is a time to have fun and be social, but if you’re not feeling good, take a night or two off. Stay home, drink tea, and rest up. If a cold is unattended to, it can turn into something worse - which ultimately leads to missing out on more. Prioritize your time wisely.