Campus 411: The Student Services Desk


What Siri is to the iPhone the Student Services Department is to The King’s College.

The Student Services desk may be the first thing you see when stepping out of the elevator to the sixth floor but a lot of their work is behind-the-scenes. The team working the desk is available to answer questions and phone calls, give directions, organize events, coordinate campus advertising, provide first-aid needs and even disappoint new students by telling them that there is no swimming pool in the building -- as Representative Lizzy Logan can attest.

With two ways to approach the desk it is very accessible. Coming to the cutout window is often for -- but not limited to -- professional purposes while approaching the desk from side may be used for -- but also not limited to -- casual conversation. Lined up along the side of the desk are flyers for upcoming events and news. They are currently working on an updated Dean’s List to hang (or at least one with the correct spelling of Grayson’s last name).

“Student Services provides resources and solutions through effective communication and customer service.”

The Student Services Representatives team working the desk is a diverse group representing the Houses of Elizabeth, Thatcher, Truth, Reagan and Churchill — and all House rivalry is put aside to create a team that works smoother than Sheetz’ hair. There is a 15 inch height gap between the shortest and tallest SSR, not one member lives in the FiDi, and, yes, they have an ongoing and clamorous group message. The team includes the Director of Student Organizations, Editor-in-Chief of the Empire State Tribune and President of the House of Reagan.

Strategically placed directly across from the desk is the office of Katie Steele, Student Services Coordinator. With this being her first year at King’s, her position and office location helped her easily integrate at King’s.

“Not only do I get to interact with the Student Services team, but I get to hear them interact with people at the desk and that has helped me build relationships with students more quickly," Steele said.

Katie also notes that you can usually find Starbursts in her office and that she has started the new tradition of cupcakes at most SSR meetings. (Talk about a sweet job.)

Occasionally, music might be playing from the desk and you can expect everything from classical to rap. If you are looking to slip behind the desk to sit in the second empty chair, at the mighty right hand of the on-shift SSR, the official rule is that it must be after business hours. Or, loophole, you must be dating an SSR. If you are trying to earn an SSR's favor for perks like the second-in-command-chair, be sure to bring them a cup of coffee when you stop by with that student org expense report. Caffeine and baked goods go a long way considering that it is the team's job to open the school at 8 a.m. and close the school at 11 p.m.

The Student Services desk is a central location within the school, conveniently near the fishbowl, library (read my previous article on that here) and many classrooms. This multi-purpose desk and its knowledgeable workers are here to make your college experience easier!