SBP Speeches Recap


Empire State Building, NEW YORK– The SBP candidates delivered their final campaign speeches to the student body Feb. 20 at noon.

David Dantzler ('13) spoke first. He focused on academics, saying that if “we get education right, the rest will follow.” He denied that unity is the most basic concern of the student body saying that, “We came to college to learn. We came to college to sharpen our minds.” Dantzler said that the Student Body President is to “work with administration not for them.” He closed saying, “The school is what we make, therefore, it's up to us to make it great.”

Caz Crane ('13) said that just being excellent in NYC is not enough, demonstrating grace will truly set us apart. Crane said he will “refuse to just focus on academics.”  Quoting from Derek Reed's ('12) vision week speech, Crane said if students focus on "excellence" and "grace" that they will be equipped to influence their own spheres. He plans to create a new position on the cabinet, the Director of Academics, who will work with the Scholars and make recommendations to the Student Body President. Crane said that above all, he wants to make sure the cabinet is strong and effective.

Sam Tran ('14) began by saying he wanted to “share a little bit of [his] heart and why [he’s] so excited about this position.” Tran went on to say that he loved “the idea of getting out,” the focus of his platform. “Getting out” has two implications: getting out of the school and doing something in the city. Tran said that the first thing he would do would be to talk to students and ask them “if they would recommend The King's College to prospective students.” He would “listen to student concerns and communicate them to administration.” He also said that he would want to engage alumni because they are our “most underused resources.” Tran said that “our identity is not based on the ESB, but the work we have done in the city.” He closed by saying that “our attitude is what unifies us.”

Voting will be available on the student portal until Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 11:59 pm.

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