Theological roundtable covers sex outside of marriage


Financial District, NEW YORK – King’s students and faculty gathered in the City Room Wednesday for a roundtable discussion entitled “Why Wait to Have Sex?” Dr. Dru Johnson invited Housing Director Lauren Christian, Vice President of Student Development Eric Bennett, Dr. David Talcott, Dr. David Tubbs, Dr. Noel Rabinowitz, and Dean of Students, David Leedy to weigh in on the topic. Photo by Matthew Contreras.

Vice President Bennett and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Dr. Rabinowitz discussed the radical statistics surrounding premarital sex, including divorce rates for men and women, and explained how waiting until marriage to have sex is both practical and obedient to Christ.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Talcott, Associate Professor of Politics, Dr. Tubbs and Dean Leedy further expanded the issue by addressing the question from a Biblical and personal standpoint. Professors offered helpful tips on how to avoid sexual temptation, including holding one another accountable.

Theological roundtables are a new development in spiritual life at King’s that began as the faculty and staff, including Student Body President Peter Flemming, Dean Leedy and Vice President Bennett sought to revamp spiritual life  following a difficult and tumultuous 2012-2013 school year. According to The King’s College website, the roundtables are designed for members of the faculty and staff to host discussions on the “tension between culture and faith.” They gather periodically to examine and explore various topics in a roundtable setting where a question is posed for the staff and faculty and students can ask questions at the end.

King’s has taken other crucial initiatives regarding spiritual life this year, including incorporating a liturgy into a weekly email sent out to all students. The email provides Scripture for students to read, and some professors read parts of the liturgy at the beginning of their classes. Refuge, a bimonthly worship gathering that began in Sept., is also a new development that allows students to sing and listen to wise words from faculty in a community setting.

The next Theological Roundtable will be held Feb. 19 in the City Room.