Interregnum X in pictures


Carly Hoilman contributed to this report. Tribune contributor, Meghan Justice ('16), took on the personal project of capturing some of the most memorable events of Interregnum X. Interregnum is King's annual three-day tradition that has been lovingly referred to as "nerd Olympics" and "Kingsian spirit week." Check out the photos below, and watch the video recordings from Drama Competition, Performing Arts and Open Mic Night here.

Tiffany Klinger ('14) works on Three-Hour Art for the House of Queen Elizabeth I.


Michael Madeiros ('14), Spencer Kashmanian ('16) and Amir Tolbert ('17) work on 3-Hour Art for the House of Lewis.


The House of Lewis entitled their winning piece for Three-Hour-Art "Hominis."


The House of Lewis at the Performing Arts competition.


Continuing its longstanding creative tradition, The House of Churchill featured female roles in its all-male performance.


Dr. and President Thornbury helped judge this year's Performing Arts Competition.


The Final Debate: the House of Barton vs. the House of Churchill.


The debaters for Barton and Churchill


Jonah Ortiz ('17) debates for the House of Churchill during the Final Debate


Dr. Eleonore Stump, the Robert J. Henle, SJ, Professor of Philosophy at Saint Louis University, was asked to deliver the Final Lecture to students to end Interregnum.


The House of Lewis celebrates winning the House Cup. Lewis placed second in Interregnum, after the House of Thatcher.

A great thanks goes out to all of the Houses for a glorious and triumphant Interregnum X!