Keeping Up With the King's Council: Debriefing Fall Retreat and Discussing the Upcoming Fall Picnic

The main focus of thus week's Council was debrief from Fall Retreat and Drama Competition. A prayer by the Director of Student Events Michelle Linhardt (‘18) began the meeting.  Student Body President Katherine Thompson (‘17) reminded Houses with outstanding balances for Fall Retreat to take care of them as soon as possible. Megan Starnes (‘18), Director of Finance, cautioned the Houses to be responsible with their money.

The meeting moved on to Fall Picnic which will be this Saturday, September 24th, in Prospect Park Tennis House South. The Picnic starts at 2 p.m. and Powderpuff beings at 3 p.m. Linhardt assured everyone that there will be lots of food, as well as activities for students not on the Powderpuff rosters. Linhardt warned about unsportsmanlike behavior and the importance of lifting each other up.

Michael Martinez ('18), Head of Spiritual Life, reminded the Council about Refuge this Thursday as well as the prayer meeting directly afterward. This week’s theme is “the Adoration of God” and, instead of a speaker, there will be a student panel.

Led by SBP Thompson, the Council discussed Fall Retreat, agreeing almost unanimously that the charter buses, dance party and breakout sessions were high points. The House of Truth praised the Council for the availability of scholarships and the overall push for students to attend. The House of Anthony raised concern about the lack of hand soap in the cabins and its tie to the current illness plaguing the student body. Barton recommended clearer allergy labels as well as having a medic on staff who is easily accessible. SBP Thompson closed the topic of Fall Retreat by praising Brian, the Camp Coordinator at Iroquois Springs.

Moving on to Drama Comp, Thatcher reminded the Council that they have gone first for three years in a row, and asked to end this tradition. All the Houses agreed that the microphone and sound situation was a problem that must be resolved. An idea was brought forth concerning the theme of Drama Comp to match the Moose Retreat theme rather than the Interregnum theme, SBP Thompson said she would think on it. A final question about t-shirts was raised, and quickly shut down as they “never make a profit.”

Overall reactions from both Fall Retreat and Drama Comp were positive. The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Meeting Highlights and Motions

  • Student Body President, Kat Thompson is interested in gathering data on individual House retreats taking place in the first semester
    • firmly reminds House presidents to use their leadership to encourage sportsmanlike conduct in relation to Powderpuff
  • Director of Student Events, Michelle Linhardt
    • Discusses single elimination Powderpuff
    • Reminds the Houses that in order to play Powderpuff they must turn in their liability forms and that practice on the official field is not allowed
  • Director of Communications, Helen Healey
    • Reminds the Council that the purpose of the debrief is to pass it along to next year's Council and House Presidents
  • House of Barton
    • Really appreciated the clearly outlined Fall Retreat schedule and strict following
  • House of Elizabeth
    • Claimed it was the best dance party ever at Kings and that Matt and Caleb should DJ Spring Formal
  • House of Truth
    • Enjoyed the break out sessions
  • House of Ten Boom
    • Asked for more designated House time, as well as recommending House time at the beginning of Retreat

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