Keeping Up With The King's Council: Twenty Minute Meeting

This week's Council meeting lasted only 20 minutes, with the purpose of voting on whether or not to create the Constitutional Audit Committee. Student Body President Katherine Thompson ('17) opened with an enthusiastic thank you to everyone for a successful Fall Picnic. She reminded everyone that next week the Council will debrief  Fall Picnic and Powderpuff.

Thompson reminded everyone to be sure they are reaching out via social media and email to keep their houses up to date on events.

Director of Student Events Michelle Linhardt ('18)  informed the Council that Assassins will begin Oct. 24  and the Halloween party will be hosted on Oct. 28. More information will follow.

Director of Spiritual Life Michael Martinez ('18)  praised the success of the prayer meeting after last week’s Refuge. He urged the houses to attend the Day of Fasting and Prayer which begins at 8:15 a.m. on Oct. 6th.  A reminder will be sent via email in the coming days. Martinez expressed his excitement that President Thornbury will be in attendance. Truth raised a question about whether or not the event will be finished in time for  9 a.m. classes. Martinez informed everyone that it should conclude by 8:45 a.m.

Thompson then moved on to new business, beginning with The Constitutional Audit Committee. She began by introducing the purpose, to comb through The Constitution in search of gaps and to address concerns. Following the winter holiday the committee would present possible changes and allow the student body to vote. The committee would be made up of the Student Body President, the Director of Communications, and three house representatives. Truth asked whether or not house representatives would be able to present concerns to the committee, and Thompson assured her they would.

The motion passed unanimously and the Constitutional Audit Committee was created. Barton nominated Lewis as well as Reagan to the committee and both were accepted. Churchill nominated himself, and promptly accepted his nomination. The Council approved all three representatives.

The meeting ended promptly at 5:50.

Meeting Highlights and Motions

  • Student Body President, Katherine Thompson (17)
    • Thanked everyone for a wonderful Fall Picnic
    • Reminded everyone the difficult discussions survey will be sent out this week
    • Presented The Constitutional Audit Committee
  • Director of Spiritual Life, Michael Martinez (18)
    • Will be sending out information on the Day of Fasting and Prayer
    • Praises the Prayer Meeting that followed Refuge last week and will continue holding them after Refuge for the rest of the year
  • Director of Student Events, Michelle Linhardt (18)
    • Assassins will begin on Oct. 24th
    • Halloween party will be on Oct. 28th
  • House of Barton
    • Nominated Reagan for The Constitutional Audit Committee
    • Nominated Lewis for The Constitutional Audit Committee
  • House of Churchill
    • Nominated self for The Constitutional Audit Committee
  • House of Truth
    • Clarified that house representatives may bring concerns before The Constitutional Audit Committee

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