Keeping Up With The King's Council: Halloween Party, Difficult Discussions and Student Union Usage

Student Body President Katherine Thompson ('17) began the meeting by asking that all the Houses look for the coming information on Dr. Innes book release party in the Student Union on the first of November. Director of Communications Helen Healey ('18) encouraged attendance the the Halloween party on Friday night, Oct. 29, starting at 7:30 p.m.  Director of Finance Megan Starnes ('18) addressed the Houses that went on Retreat last weekend and reminded them that survey for their Executive Teams will be coming out. She asked for thorough assessments of their individual House Retreats. Director of Student Organizations Christina Markakis ('18) informed the Council that next week the Student Organizations mid-semester audits will be taking place. Following the audits there will be meet up of all Student Organizations that will be arranged per requests from numerous orgs. Thompson then introduced Elle Rogers ('19) of the House of Margaret Thatcher who stood before the Council and requested $100 in additional funds from The Innovation Fund. Rogers informed the Council that Thatcher will be welcoming Dr. Nile Garner to speak on their namesake come November 8th. They asked for additional funds in order to fully appreciate Dr. Garner’s time sacrificed to be at King's on Election Day. Rogers closed by reminding the Council how valuable their relationship with The Heritage Foundation and Dr. Garner is to their striving to exemplify Margaret Thatcher. Thompson opened the vote on whether or not to give the additional funds and the Houses unanimously voted yes.

Director of Student Events Michelle Linhardt ('18) took the floor to discuss the Halloween Party. She informed the Council that the DJ’s from Fall Retreat, Caleb Trowburst ('17) and Matt Salavitch ('17), will be jamming it up at the Halloween Party. Director of Spiritual Life Michael Martinez ('18) and DoC Healey will be running a Haunted House. The winner of Assassins will be announced at the party and they will be awarded two tickets to The Red and Green Affair. Best costume at the party will also be awarded two tickets to The Red and Green Affair. The party starts at 7:30 p.m. and will be held in The Student Union.

Martinez reminded the Council that the first Difficult Discussions meeting will be held on Monday Oct. 31 at 12:15 p.m. and will be led by Dr. Johnson, as well as a panel. Michael also discussed the Refuge video shoot Thursday, Oct. 27, and asked that the Houses encourage attendance. He said there would be free pizza for the young people. The Constitutional Audit Committee held their first meeting last week and more information as far as addressing questions, and possible amendments will come soon.

Director of Conferences and Events Megan Phelps discussed the procedure for using The O’Keefe Student Union for exclusive events. All recommendations on exclusive events in the Union will go through the Council and will then be passed on to Phelps for final approval. The new procedure was immediately put to use, as the House of Truth asked to hold an "American themed event" on Nov. 8 with the Houses of Barton, Reagan and Anthony. All houses voted yes. The House of Lewis recommended always looking to The City Room as a first option so that the Student Union is as available much as possible. Reagan recommended reviewing the Student Union reservation policy at a later date and Thompson agreed.

There were no questions, comments or concerns and the meeting closed at 6:05 p.m.

Meeting Highlights and Motions

  • Student Body President, Katherine Thompson (17) reminded the Council about Dr. Innes new book, and release party 
  • Director of Spiritual Life, Michael Martinez (18)
  • First Difficult Discussions meeting is Monday at 12:15 p.m.
  • Spiritual Life virtual reality video will be filmed at Refuge Thursday, Oct. 26
  • Director of Student Events, Michelle Linhardt (18)
  • Assassins is under way and the winner will be announced on Friday night
  • Halloween party will be this Friday Oct. 28th
  • House of Thatcher requested and received an additional $100 for an upcoming event
  • House of Truth requested to hold an exclusive American event in the Student Union on Nov. 8, the idea was passed and moved on to Megan Phelps for review

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