Keeping Up With The King's Council: A Moment of Silence, Updates and the Red and Green Affair

Student Body President Thompson opened Tuesday's Council meeting with a moment of silence following the recent passing of Chairmen of The King's College Board, Lee Hanley. This week’s meeting consisted of an update on student organizations, a motion by Lewis and Thatcher regarding the budget for Red and Green Affair and a debrief of the Halloween Party.

DSO Christina Markakis gave a mid-semester update on the student organizations. She reported that orgs are doing well and student is higher than last year. A specific success is the EST whose TV viewership is 153% higher than what was reported last semester.

The Council discussed the details of the upcoming Red and Green Affair, hosted by Lewis and Thatcher on Dec. 3 at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Thatcher and Lewis proposed a $2000 loan and $700 grant from the Innovation Fund. After an hour of intense discussion, the proposal adjusted to a $2300 loan and a $400 grant. The loan passed unanimously but the Council voted against giving the grant. Churchill and Barton suggested an increase in ticket prices to make up for the lost revenue.

The meeting closed with no further comments, threats, questions or concerns.

Meeting Highlights and Motions

Student Body President

  • Thompson requested a moment of silence for Chairman W. Lee Hanley Jr. who passed away last week.
  • Thanked everyone for their attendance at the Halloween Party and apologized for the lack of fog machines.

Director of Student Events

  • Linhardt informed the Halloween Party was a success and asked for feedback.
  • Feedback: Churchill praised the haunted house and witches. Thatcher complimented the availability of snacks. Multiple Houses complimented the music and choice of DJ, but raised concerns about the volume of the music.
  • Upcoming: the Council will debrief Basketball Competition.

House of Barton

  • Suggested ticket prices be raised for Red and Green Affair to increase revenue and alleviate burden on the hosting Houses.

Houses of Thatcher and Lewis

  • Asked for a $2000 loan and $700 grant.
  • Received the $2000 loan but no grant.


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