Scholars Host Second Annual Spelling Bee


Continuing the tradition started last year, about 15 students participated in the King’s Second Annual Spelling Bee in the Student Lounge on Thursday, November 3rd at 7pm.

Rosalie Jonker (’12) won the competition with the successful spelling of “abridgment” among other words like “memento” and “pantomime.”  She was rewarded with a garland crown that “will probably double as a Christmas decoration in my apartment eventually,” Jonker said.

Throughout the 12 rounds of spelling, students could only request aid in a word's definition or how it was used in a sentence.

“All of the House Scholars played a part,” Megan Fox (’12) said. “Whether it was getting the list of words, baking or helping set up, we planned it all at House Scholar meetings.”

Although few students attended to watch the Spelling Bee, the people who were there showed much enthusiasm and support. “I was really impressed,” Zachary Chambers (’15) said. “Spelling is very important in today's world.”

Participants in the competition took their spelling seriously but also seemed to have an enjoyable time and an eventful evening.

“I sort of practiced before,” Jerron Herman (’14) said. “I think I could have done better, but I had so much fun with the other contestants.”

The night concluded with celebration and hopes to continue the tradition with another spelling bee next year.

“It is a fun, yet scholarly activity,” Fox said. “We thought it would be a great evening activity for attendees and participants alike.”

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