Want to Stop Executive Amnesty? Repeal the Twenty-Second Amendment


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Help Wanted: D.C.-area constitutional lawyer. Must be willing to accept large sums of money. Political prudence not required.

Maybe you’ve been wondering why the threatened House lawsuit against President Obama hasn’t been filed: apparently, there’s a shortage of D. C. area lawyers looking for high profile cases and clients. No one will take taxpayer money from poor Speaker Boehner.

Robert Costa and Ed O’Keefe reported in The Washington Post last week that “the suit has wallowed ever since [late June] as GOP lawmakers have struggled to find a D.C. area law firm willing to take up their legal fight.”

This may strike you as suggesting a lack of initiative on the part of the Republican leadership, but the article leaves room for a more flattering excuse: perhaps the Speaker, with Machiavellian craft, “was purposely stalling his legal fight to include whatever actions Obama opts to take to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws.”

Fair enough. But think about how much more powerful the lawsuit would be if Speaker Boehner waited until we see just what the president plans to do about Iran, global warming, and the Obamacare employer mandate. By, say, New Year’s Day, 2017, he could assemble such a powerful case that the most diffident D.C. attorney would be unable to turn him down–if only a court would be willing to take a moot case against a president scheduled to leave office nineteen days later.

We’ve expressed skepticism more than once concerning the merits of the Speaker’s threatened lawsuit and his intentions to act forthrightly against President Obama’s executive overreach. But to be fair, not all of this is his fault.

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