The King’s Cavaliers Introduce Fencing to TKC


If you are interested in fencing, consider joining The King’s Cavaliers first official fencing club. The club’s mission is “to cultivate well-rounded male students of the King's College through the art and science of swordplay.” The team values are bravery, humility, discipline, and chivalry.

Ray Davison, the club’s president, is thrilled about the club’s potential to be recognized by the athletic program as a sport. Ever since childhood, Ray has had the desire to fence. The birth of the fencing club came about in large part by a donation to The King’s College of about 2,500 dollars worth of equipment. A fencing instructor in the Bronx, for whom a King’s student had worked, donated the money. So far, thirty-five freshmen have signed up to join the new club, and upperclassmen have also shown interest in joining.

The club will be using dry foils (which are nonelectric) to attack their opponent. Points are to be scored by hits called “touches” to the upper torso of each player. The potential of this club to integrate into the athletics club depends on the ability of the players and their experience level. The next year will be a determinant for the integration of the club into the athletics program. This year, the club hopes to formalize the team and give them the experience most new members need to compete, possibly as early as next year.