New Year, New Cabinet


Katie Lay, Jonathan Roberts, Clara LaFever and Alec Nixon will join Student Body President Madison Peace on the King’s Cabinet next year, Peace announced at Spring Formal on April 15th. Peace held an open application for interested students to apply for the four positions, then met with each student before picking whom she believes are “the best people for the job.”

She selected Nixon, a sophomore, to be Director of Student Organizations for the interest and knowledge of the organizations he showed and his involvement in many organizations.

She selected LaFever, who will also be a sophomore, to be Director of Student Events for her creativity and organizational skills as well as her experience working with Peace this year on student events.

Lay, a senior majoring in business, will be Director of Finances. Her organization and efficiency impressed Peace.

Peace admits she “targeted” Roberts to be Director of Communications because “he’s on top of things” and “thoughtful,” qualities Peace believes are important when working closely with administration. Roberts will be a junior in the fall.

Although the cabinet will require more training than usual (with two underclassmen,) Peace is assured her team will have “a really good dynamic and work well together.”

“I’m really excited for next year,” Peace said. “I’m excited to hear student ideas about ways to improve King’s and do things differently.”

Peace’s Goals for this year:

  1. Establish City Engagement as a culture
  2. Encourage new student organizations by making it easier to start one and encourage existing organizations by providing support, including financial and marketing plans
  3. Improve King’s Council visibility by improving advertising and communicating to students how to use the Council
  4. Evaluate the current structure for academic concerns (student to scholar to provost) and make necessary adjustments to ensure academic concerns are communicated through the right channels
  5. Increase the council’s financial independence by fundraising (possibly by selling T-shirts and lunches)
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