Provost Search Continues


When Dr. Marvin Olasky announced he was leaving King’s last year after four years of serving as provost, the search for a new provost began. Now, nine months after Olasky left, the search is coming closer to an end.

Last year, two major changes occurred at King’s. First of all, the college installed Dinesh D’Souza as the new and active president. Secondly, Provost Olasky left the college. However, just like our previous presidential search, finding a new provost doesn’t just happen overnight.

Many students have probably heard the phrase “provost search” spoken around campus, but they may not know exactly what the new provost would do. How exactly would he or she be involved with the affairs of the college?

According to Dr. Calvin White, Interim Provost, the provost oversees all aspects of the academic program at TKC: personnel (faculty, Provost’s Office staff, Registrar, Librarian); curriculum; program development; budget; long-range planning; relationships and requirements with the State of New York and our accreditor, Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

One thing that the administration is looking for in candidates is administrative, business, managerial and teaching experience. They are also looking for candidates who possess a firm understanding of the Politics, Philosophy and Economics core. While administration isn’t releasing any names, White does say that “a short list of candidates has been developed and initial phone interviews are being conducted.”

The committee currently responsible for finding and reviewing candidates includes Chief Administrative Officer (and Chairman of the committee) Duanne Moeller, Interim Provost Dr. Calvin White, Dean of MCA Dr. Harry Bleattler, Politics Professor Dr. David Innes, Economics Professor Brian Brenberg, VP of Admissions Brian Parker and students Bria Sandford (MCA '12) and David Linamen (Business '13).

While no exact time frame has been released, students can expect answers and names to come in the near future.