D'Souza to Debate American Atheist President


Wednesday, Oct. 12th at 7pm, President Dinesh D’Souza will debate the president of American Atheists Inc., David Silverman, at the University of Pennsylvania on whether or not Christianity is good for America. The debate will be taking place in the Irvine Auditorium at UPenn, located at 3401 Spruce St. in Philadelphia. Tickets are open to the public and may be purchased  here online or at the box office Wednesday night beginning at 6pm. General admission is $10. Tickets are $5 with a student ID.

A bus will take RSVPed King’s students to the debate for free, leaving from Midtown Wednesday at 4pm from 37th St. and 6th Ave. (next to the Vogue). The bus will return to Midtown later that night.

D’Souza has debated other prominent New Atheists such as Christopher Hitchens, Peter Singer and Bart Ehrman on similar topics. D'Souza will argue that the most evil acts in history (Pol Pot's Cambodia, Stalin's Russia and Mao's China) have resulted from radical atheism.

Silverman will contend that Christianity is responsible for suffering and corruption in America and believes that "to combat fear of death, religious people ignore their intellect, believe the lie and follow the preacher ..."

As the president of the American Atheists Inc., David Silverman is the frontrunner of the New Atheist movement. The New Atheist movement seeks to prove that not only should state and religion be separated, but that Christianity is, in fact, the catalyst for the world’s suffering, grief and violence. Silverman has appeared on CNN, Fox and Friends, The O’Reilly factor and NPR. He runs the NoGodBlog and hosts the Atheist Viewpoint TV show.

D'Souza, aside from currently serving as the president of The King's College, has written books on the topics of politics and Christianity, including New York Times bestseller What's so Great about Christianity? He is also a former policy analyst to the Reagan Administration.

D’Souza and Silverman have never debated before.

King's students interested in attending should RSVP to Tyler Vawser at tvawser@tkc.edu.