Advice: Dear Overcommitted

Dear Penelope,

What should I do when I have too much to do?

- Overcommitted

Dear Overcommitted,

Maybe it’s not too late for you to drop out and get all your money back. You could always take up subway entertaining … If you think you are stressed with too much to do right now, just wait until mid-terms. You will become one of the pale lifeless faces that emerge from the basement of the Empire State Building to line up in Starbucks. Even though True Blood tries to make it attractive, there is nothing beautiful or mysterious about pale skin—it’s just depressing.

On a practical note: make lists and set reasonable goals for each day. Get a planner. Write things down. It will help bring order to the disorder you feel. Plan a time to relax. In order to stay sane, take a walk, get some coffee, go shopping—do whatever you want to do for at least an hour each day. Take a day off every week to do nothing but relax and take in the city. Ask someone out to coffee! Have a social life!

Remember elementary school? “Just say no to drugs.” Sometimes you need to say “no” to good things too. So above all, practice saying no.

Good luck and best wishes!

Your friend,