Trinity Grace Moves Offices


Trinity Grace Church moves from 330 Building Empire State Building, NEW YORK—Nondenominational Trinity Grace Church has moved from their offices on 330 Fifth Avenue July 30 of this year, ending an approximately 2 ½-year-long contract. Shortly after The King’s College moved into the 8th floor of the building, they leased a portion of their office space out to the church with the understanding that TGC would move out this July.

Currently occupying the space are new professors David Talcott; Dr. Phillip Williams; Dr. Andrew Johnson; Dr. David Blander; and returning professors Alissa Wilkinson, Keanan Minkoff, Leigh Ann Walker, and counselor Brent Bonds.

King’s obtained the 8th floor space around February of 2009, and TGC was leased the space a month or so later.