King’s Student Orgs Attract More Than Ever


Student Orgs Experiencing Growth for the 2011-2012 School Year

Empire State Building, NEW YORK— Three new student-run, student-founded organizations set up booths at the Student Org. Fair last Monday (Aug. 22nd), welcoming record numbers of interested new students. Each of the eleven represented organizations boasted several pages of signatures and contact information from new (and even a few returning) students.

“So that’s a ton of signatures, which is really good,” Director of Student Organizations Alec Nixon (‘14) said. “And [the fair] was bigger than last year … I believe we had four to five more orgs than we did last year represented at the fair. So we’re definitely growing.”

Returning organizations have also continued to thrive, already experiencing significant growth for the 2011-2012 school year, and Nixon believes this year already shows a greater number of orgs than last year. As DSO, he also wants to do what he can to help the orgs survive.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about the people,” says Nixon. “It’s like a business; you’re just dependent on your clients.”

Nixon has met with Prof. Brian Brenberg to discuss succession planning with regard to orgs at King’s. He recognizes that, oftentimes, “people don’t like the next leader” or “the new mission of the org” as formulated by that new leader.

“The problem is when new leaders try to reinvent the wheel,” he says. Instead, leaders should just “keep the ship going. Stick with the mission! Don’t try to fix something that’s not broken.”

Travis Drost (’13), Christian Stempert (’14), and Jeremy Cerone (’13) are starting “the first-ever Republican Club” at King’s, Director of Student Organizations Alec Nixon (’14) said. Global Generation, headed up by John Bianchi, has also begun. In addition, says Nixon, “there’s a couple of orgs ideas we have going around.”

The TKC Financial Services Club, a project of Jason Craig (‘15) and AJ Aran (‘14), is the newest organization. Although not present at the Student Org. Fair, they are currently wading through the paperwork needed to start up their organization this semester. Although Craig and Aran started planning the club over the summer, their plans did not solidify until two weeks ago. Nixon hopes to see them “on the scene in a couple of weeks,” and anticipates they will have their paperwork in sometime this week. They are currently holding Saturday morning brunches in Aran’s apartment to raise awareness and find out who is interested in the organization, the first of which took place this past Saturday (Aug 27th), despite this weekend’s hurricane scare.

Nixon also plans to resurrect the Student Org. Handbook for use by those interested in starting organizations at King's. It was last used in 2007/2008. Nixon hopes that bringing it back will provide students with the information they need to begin organizations of their own. There will be around 30-40 handbooks on reserve for interested students.

Monday’s fair took place at 330 Fifth Avenue, in Classroom 7 of the 8th floor of the building, where most of the school’s faculty and some staff offices are located.

It was “really packed,” Nixon said. “It’s really good to see orgs on the level it is here at King’s—it’s taken very seriously, and it’s good to see the promotion at NSO.”

The Foreign Language Society, developed in the spring semester of last year, has introduced the new Tell Me More program, accessible through the Student Portal.

Established organizations such as the King’s Debate Society are continuing to grow as well. The King’s Dancers had 40 new participants sign up at the fair, and the Cavaliers (fencing) 45. The new Republican Club also filled several pages with names of interested students.

This year’s student orgs include:

Write-Handed Literature Club led by Tanisha Fanney

King’s Dancers led by Eliza Ohman

King’s Theater led by Lauren Samuelsen and Corinne Cordasco

King’s Republican Club led by Travis Drost

TKC Financial Services Club led by AJ Aran and Jason Craig

Global Generation led by John Bianchi and alum John Gonska

Mock Trial led by Jonathan Irwin

King’s Debate Society led by Josiah Peterson

Foreign Language Society led by Sam Tran

King’s Cavaliers led by Ray Davison

Tent (worship) led by Josh Encinias

The Empire State Tribune led by Meagan Clark

Email an organization’s leader to get involved or find out more information.