King's Debate Society Hosts Morning Research Briefs

The King's Debate Society is presenting their research with Koffee with KDS events – where debaters will give ten-minute briefings on issues likely to come up in debate. Briefs this month will take place at 8 am this Tuesday, Oct. 4th and Tuesday, Oct. 18th. Koffee with KDS debuted on Sept. 20th.

"It could be current issues in the Middle East to 'What's the theory of right?'" Teubl said. In addition to the ten-minute presentation, each topic will have a five-minute Q&A, ideas for what to research and helpful resources to use and arguments for both sides of the issue.

The goal of these gatherings, according to Teubl, is not only to equip students with better arguments and resources for debate, but also to adequately understand the "philosophical assumptions under the argument on the other side."

Teubl has also been meeting one-on-one with each of her debaters this semester to discuss their goals and aspirations with regard to their involvement in KDS. These meetings are intended to evaluate each student’s reasoning for joining KDS, and to then set up goals based on this reasoning.

“People have two types of goals: goals in their delivery (some things they just want to work on in their speaking style) and things they’d want to work on in their content area,” Teubl said.

Teubl is excited about upcoming debates this semester in Rochester, Yale and Vermont and praised both new and returning debaters for their excellence in articulating arguments on both sides of difficult issues.

She also welcomes students with questions or concerns to come speak to her in her 330-Building cubicle during her weekday office hours, everyday from 11 am to 12 pm.