Top News of the Week

If you’ve seen nothing else this week, take a minute and read these blurbs. The following are the five most important news headlines from the past seven days. Week of October 8th-14th


1. On Friday (Oct. 14) British Defense Secretary Liam Fox resigned from office. Fox cited his reasons for stepping down as being an inappropriate blend of his personal and professional lives.

2. After a cargo ship crashed into the Astrolabe Reef just off the coast of New Zealand this Wednesday (Oct. 12), it lost over 350 tons of oil into the water (a record high for the country). Bad weather delayed the cleanup process and the oil, which was not able to be quickly contained, quickly spread to multiple beaches.


3. President Barrack Obama announced on Friday (Oct. 14) that he would be sending approximately 100 US troops to Uganda in order to help regional forces track down and capture rebel leader and war criminal Joseph Koney. Koney is currently wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes including rape, mass murder, and kidnap.

4. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian man who was caught smuggling a bomb in his underpants while on a Detroit-bound airplane last Christmas, surprised judges this Wednesday (Oct. 12) when he pleaded guilty to federal terrorism charges. Abdulmutallab said his motive for the planned attack was “the mistreatment of Muslims in America” and warned the nation of “a great calamity” to come.

5. After a month of deliberation, the Federal Appeal Court supported President Barrack Obama’s request block new Alabama state legislature this Friday (Oct. 14) that would have given public schools the ability to look into students immigration status.

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