Top News of the Week


If you’ve seen nothing else this week, take a minute and read these blurbs. The following are the five most important news headlines from the past seven days.

Week Of: October 15-21

1. Libyan Dictator and “Most Wanted Man in the World” Moammar Gadhafi was captured and killed by rebel forces in his hometown of Sitre on Thursday (Oct. 21). Gadhafi seized power in 1969 and despite heavy rebel opposition, held it since then. When an international warrant for his arrest was put out this past summer, riots increased. The US and France were instrumental in aiding the overthrowing rebels in hopes that a new Libya will now form based on democratic election.

2. On Friday (Oct. 21) President Barrack Obama announced that he plans to nearly all troops home from Iraq by the end of 2011. If this is successful, Obama can officially announce the end of the 10-year war.

3. After another week of campaigning, the 2012 Republican presidential race intensified this week with much focus on illegal immigration platforms.  First, candidate Herman Cain receiving much criticism in the press for suggesting an electrified border fence at a press conference in Cookeville TN on Monday (Oct. 17).  Also, Rick Perry drew much attention while accusing Mitt Romney of being too soft on immigration.

4. UK’s former Secretary of Defense Liam Fox stepped down last Friday. This week he was replaced by former Secretary of State for Transport Phillip Hammond.

5. The late Steve Jobs’ final project, The iPhone 4, hit markets last Friday (Oct. 14) and after just three days of sales, it broke telephone sales records with more than 4 million iPhones being sold in just the first three days.


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