King's Fashion Icons of October


Summer is long gone, and autumn is here. Time to put away the shorts and bring out the coats. This may be a hard transition for some, but not for Becky Boss ('14) and Andy Johnson ('14). Shamaila Iqebal presents to you the  King’s College Fashion icons for the month of October.

Shamaila: How much do you love fashion?

Becky: I love fashion, but I don't love the fashion industry… I love aesthetics, and I just like beautiful things. I also love the expressiveness of fashion.

Andy: I appreciate good clothes for sure.

Shamaila: What influences your style?

Becky: Mostly how I'm feeling influences my style.  When I feel confident and bold, I'll be bold with my clothes. On a horrible day, I might be melodramatic and wear all black ... lucky for me that's still fashionable right now.

But those are extremes, so most days I wear my "normal" clothes. Right now I'm inspired by FreePeople, the early 90's, some of the fashion blogs I read and people on the street. I see girls on the street all the time who have great outfits, or great pieces, and I'm like, ‘Oh, I have something like that.’  I really like collages, so a lot of times I think about my outfit as a mini collage.

Andy: I try not to get too caught up with stress of being on top of the latest trends. I go for timeless. The bottom line is: if it looks nice I’ll wear it. Simple as that.

Shamaila: Why even bother looking nice – what's the point?

Becky:  I think beauty is the point. Everyone has a different definition of beauty, which is why we all dress differently. I love that. But why not make something more beautiful if we can? It’s just part of being creative. We have to be creative.

Andy: I'm going to answer that question with a quote by Mr. Mark Twain. "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."

Shamaila: Describe your evolution of style.

Becky:  In Kindergarten, it was 90's floral print. In fourth grade, it was jean shorts with a camisole and stretchy thick headband. Those were my glory days. In seventh grade, it was graphic tees.  In ninth and tenth grade, Delias pretty much sums it up.   My junior and senior year, it was Urban Outfitters. Then last year I started just picking pieces I loved, apart from what some of the main stores were selling. I was still pretty timid, and now I'd say I've gotten a little more daring.

Andy: When I first took style into my own hands, I guess I was a tee and jeans guy. Then I started to see that there were so many more ways to dress, so I decided to "class up my act.” After that, everything changed.

Shamaila: What are the fashion trends in your home town?

Becky: American Eagle all the way!

Andy: Flannel shirts (the real ones), boots, jeans, cowboy hats and tractors.

Shamaila: Describe your worst outfit ever.

Becky: I'm pretty sure every outfit I wore in middle school was my worst outfit ever.

Andy:  I thought I could rock a t-shirt with a hood on it.

Shamaila: Being that it's the month of October, what are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

Becky: I kind of dislike Halloween, but it looks like I might end up being a zombie.

Andy: Zombie Teddie Roosevelt!

Shamaila Iqebal and the Empire State Tribune would like to thank Becky Boss and Andy Johnson for their participation in King's Fashion Icon of the month!

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